Microsoft Surface Book 2 Unveils and Releases in April


Microsoft Surface is one of the most popular tablet pc and notebook brands, most Chinese tablet pc manufacturers follow their step to release new tablet pcs at the lower price, but due to good reputation and superior quality and ultra-thin design, Surface Book series have been attractive much. Recently, according to other media, Surface Book 2 has entered into production, and it will be released by the end of April.

About changes, the price has changed from 1,200 usd to 1,000 usd, the other aspect is the design, Surface Book 2 has ditched 2in1 detachable design to become a complete notebook, but it still adopts 13.5 inch aluminum golden shell.

Last year, Microsoft has released Surface Book upgrade version, only changing some specs such as GTX 965M GPU and its battery life improves 30% to 16 hours. As for why the detachable design gives up, other analysts said the main purpose is to differentiate the product line of Surface Pro. According to product line, last year Microsoft has sold 500,000 units of Surface Book.

By the way, Surface Pro 5 has also spotted on Microsoft official website, which is lighter and thinner, the top version will have 4K screen and  lightning 3 interface.  According to current speculation, Surface Book 2 is estimated to sell 1.2 million units, Surface Pro 5 will sell over 6 million units. Stay tuned.


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