Microsoft Surface Duo Official: A Phone With Android and Dual Screen


When we believed that the Surface Neo was the only device with a double screen from Microsoft, the company introduced the Surface Duo, its first Android phone. In fact, this is the first phone that the company will manufacture equipment under the Nokia and Windows Phone brand, so seeing a new company phone has caused a lot of excitement in the public.

The Surface Duo is very similar to the Surface Neo, and Microsoft has mentioned that it has the best of Google and Microsoft. The Surface Duo is a terminal formed by two 5.6-inch panels joined by a central hinge, which allows the device to be used in several different formats since the panels can rotate up to 360 degrees so that it is even possible to transform it into a tablet with a screen surface close to 8.3 inches. In addition, it will be possible to run applications on each panel independently.

The company claims to have worked hand in hand with Google, so that Surface Duo is able to offer a fully optimized Android experience for such a dual-screen device. Of course, it includes access to the Google Play Store and other Google services.

In an interview with Wired, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft says that “the operating system is no longer the most important layer for Microsoft” , but what is really essential is “the experience and application model” that enables a device this type.

Other data shared by Microsoft during the competition are its weight, less than 700 grams, and striking thinness that makes the device does not increase its thickness too much when it is folded. The little we know about its technical section is that the Snapdragon 855 processor will be the brain integrated inside. However, Microsoft says it is not a “final” model and its launch in Christmas 2020 could vary many details.

And despite its similarity, Surface Duo does not belong to the category of “Foldables” of which models such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X are part. For Redmond, Duo marks the beginning of a totally new type of … saving devices despite some resemblance to models that have already tried this myself in the past, like the ZTE Axon M.

Microsoft has confirmed that the device will be on sale by the end of the next year 2020. At the moment, the price of Surface Duo and other details about its technical section or software are unknown. However, the company says it will work with the developers before its launch to the market with the aim of creating new experiences that allow you to take full advantage of the device.

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