Microsoft Surface Hub 2X May Come Out Like This With Pre-Installed Windows 10X Interface Changes Significantly


Microsoft finally started supplying the Surface Hub 2S to companies last summer. Work was also underway on a more extensive version, called the Surface Hub 2X. This should come on the market in 2020. That sounds promising, but in the meantime, we have heard very little about the project, which is somewhat striking.

According to the contacts of Windows Central Zac Bowdens, Microsoft did not silently stop the project. Instead, the company is thinking about the operating system.

The new version, according to Windows Central namely Windows 10X, the lighter OS that the modular Windows Core OS should have as a basis. This operating system, also known as Santorini, was not yet ready for launch in 2019.

Originally, new Hub products would be given a different OS based on Core OS. However, Windows 10X has been optimized for optimal use of multiple displays, this is probably an important reason for adjusting the OS selection. It will also work better with touch screens since displayed devices such as the Surface Neo also put a lot of emphasis on the touch interface.

This combination should, for example, benefit the use of whiteboard applications on multiple displays. An important difference between the Surface Hub 2X and the already available 2S is the possibility to rotate the screen to portrait position and the use of multiple screens via one system.

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