Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Leaked: Intel Iris Xe GPU Performance


According to the Windows Latest report, due to the global economic slowdown, Microsoft has postponed the release of Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4.

Windows Latest said that Microsoft will hold a new product launch next year, launching a new Surface Pro 8 equipped with Intel Iris Xe core display ( Intel Iris Xe “Gen12” ), its GPU performance will be significantly improved, and its running score surpasses the Ryzen 4000 series Vega iGPU.

It is reported that Intel Iris Xe is based on the Intel Xe-LP architecture, which is expected to bring more powerful performance and lower power consumption. It is currently uncertain whether Microsoft Surface Pro will use Intel’s exclusive Iris Xe MAX.

Intel also talked about the performance of Tiger Lake’s Gen12 core display at a meeting in Japan earlier, saying that its goal is to increase the performance to 60fps in games where the Gen11 core display reaches 30fps.

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To put it simply, Intel’s Gen11 core display has doubled the performance compared to the Gen9 core display, and the Gen12 core display of the Xe architecture can double again, truly realizing the game performance of 60fps at 1080p, which is worth looking forward to.


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