Microwear X6: New Arrival of A True Classy Smart Watch For Women With IP68 Certification


Our journey to find new Chinese brands, specialized in economic high-tech gadgets, brings us today to Microwear, a brand based in 2010 that boasts in its range different models of low-priced wearable. Smartwatch with on board the full version of Android as the H series, also equipped with Sim slot and data connectivity in 4G, or the L line with a circular screen. Finally, there are also products destined to a female audience, like the X3 smart band. That’s most likely why they simply launched the Microwear X6, that is truly a classy smartwatch for ladies with rated IP68.

As we simply mentioned above that the new Microwear X6 is a waterproof smartwatch that has been IP68 certification, thus it means there’s no ingress of dust, complete protection against contact and it’s suitable for continuous immersion in water. thus there’s no risk of damaging it whether you wash your hands with it, sweat, walk in the rain or go for a swim. so you can wear it anytime anywhere you go.

Microwear X6 can also be changed depending on the lady’s taste. It can indeed be including either a Milanese stainless-steel strap or a leather strap. The watch case is no less premium being made of alloy wire drawing and ceramic materials, giving it a really simple and at the same time classy look. Finally, we mention the size of the case, equal to 36x16x10.2mm.


Watch on the company’s official website if you want to find out more about the Microwear X6 or purchase one on AliExpress. If you’re feeling lucky then enter the giveaway presently running as well and check out Microwear’s official Facebook page to find out the latest from the company.


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