MICROWEAR X6 Smart Wristband Milanese Stain Strap Version in Just $39.99 @CooliCool Flash Sale


Microwear X6, that is really a tasteful smartwatch for women with appraised IP68. Smartwatch with on board the full form of Android as the H arrangement, likewise outfitted with Sim opening and information network in 4G, or the L line with a round screen. At long last, there are additionally items bound to a female gathering of people.

Microwear X6 Smartwatch Price: $39.99


Microwear X6 can likewise be changed relying upon the woman’s taste. It can in fact be including either a Milanese treated steel lash or a calfskin tie. The watch case is no less premium being made of compound wire drawing and clay materials, giving it an extremely basic and in the meantime tasteful look. At long last, we notice the extent of the case, equivalent to 36x16x10.2mm.


Microwear X6 is a waterproof smartwatch that has been IP68 confirmation, hence it implies there’s no entrance of residue, complete insurance against contact and it’s reasonable for ceaseless inundation in water. in this manner there’s no danger of harming it whether you wash your hands with it, sweat, stroll in the downpour or take a dip. so you can wear it whenever anyplace you go. this smartwatch is best for the ladies audience where ladies can use this in easily way. the features they include is works for ladies. 


Microwear offers the best smartwatch yet this is the Microwear X6 is for the ladies also. to be more stylish more specific features for the ladies and the design which is really cool. if you are looking to buy this smartwatch then you are on right point to grab this beautiful smartwatch from CooliCool with price $39.99

Microwear X6 Smartwatch Price: $39.99


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