Midea M7 Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner at $652.50 From Gearbest (Flash Sale)


Midea M7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner both sweeps and wipes. Provides high suction power thanks to its new generation high-capacity motor. It can overcome obstacles up to 20mm without any problems. Midea M7 provides a unique suction power and sweeping performance with its 4000PA NIDEC BLDC MOTOR. In addition, 4 different suction power can be selected from the application.


The Midea M7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a sleek design with a matte black finish. Measuring around 13.5 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches tall; Both measure 13.9-inches across, both cleverly conceal their dustbin and brush cleaning tools under a plastic lid; and both have a mapping sensor under a raised disc emblazoned with their respective companies’ logos. With the Midea M7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner; you can use breakthrough technologies; unique in the field of cleaning robots, on request. Slim profile and obstacle-clearing design allow your robot to move freely around the house and never get stuck. Equipped with multiple anti-collision and fall protection sensors, it ensures safe cleaning without any damage to furniture. In addition, the robot can automatically return to its charging station when the battery is low, without any intervention.

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Midea M7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner equipped with 4000Pa BLDC motor, your robot can switch to different suction levels to deal with different situations. The robot will automatically increase the suction power when it detects carpets. In addition, the V-roller brush and double-sided brushes provide uncompromising cleaning performance without leaving any dirt behind. Laser navigation technology allows your robot to scan and map your entire home to create the optimal cleaning route. Instead of moving randomly, the robot works with a UMOM so that it can avoid skipping or repeating a section, even in the dark. By using LDS laser navigation technology to create an accurate map of your home, your robot can efficiently plan the optimal cleaning path to adapt to your home environment, without any missing or repetitive areas.

The Midea M7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner knows where to go and clean when you assign a task on the map in the app. With a multitude of ways to interact with your robot, you can now truly enjoy a spotlessly clean home without any effort. Customize, plan and track cleaning status from the app in the palm of your hand. And connectivity with Alexa and Google creates more hands-free convenience for you. One of the features of the vacuum cleaner is the analysis of the surface that the robot vacuums directly. To vacuum, for example, a smooth floor, maximum suction power is not needed. However, if vacuuming carpet, use maximum suction power for deeper cleaning. The robot independently recognizes the coating and automatically sets the required power. After leaving the carpet, it will return to its normal suction level. It’s energy efficiency.


This Midea M7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with high suction power, a powerful application, and uses cutting-edge technology. It’s a robotic vacuum cleaner that simply has no competition when it comes to wet cleaning. We can buy it from Gearbest at $652.50 in Flash Sale.


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