MiJia Glasses Camera Released for Crowdfunding at 2,499 yuan, $372


Yesterday, Xiaomi Mall released a preview, saying that it will launch a new product with users to “see the future.”

Today, Xiaomi Mall announced that the MiJia Glasses camera officially launched, and will open crowdfunding at 10 o ‘clock on August 3. The retail price of the product will be 2,699 yuan,$402, and the price will be 2,499 yuan, $372 during the crowdfunding period, with a limited amount of sunglasses worth 299 yuan, $44.

Users who are interested in the product can find the corresponding page on the crowdfunding page of the App of Mi Mall, click to make an appointment and wait for the crowdfunding to officially start.

As a head-mounted camera product, the Mika Glasses camera is equipped with a 50-megapixel Quad Bayer 4-in-1 wide-angle camera and an 8-megapixel submersibly-view telephoto camera with split OIS optical anti-shake at a weight of just 100g.

With this lens combination, Mijia Glasses camera achieves 5x optical zoom and 15x hybrid zoom.

At the same time, in order to facilitate real-time recording, the device supports rapid snapshot at the second level and backtracking function, which can retain the image content of 10 seconds before pressing the express button to avoid missing the moment that is difficult to capture.

In addition, as a product of Mijia ecology, Mijia Glasses camera can also be connected with mobile phone through App, so as to realize rapid photo import, one-click template formation, one-click sharing and other functions.

In addition to the photography function, with the built-in Snapdragon 8 core independent computing platform, Mijia Glasses camera is also an AR glasses.

In terms of display, Mika Glasses camera adopts the combination of Micro OLED display screen and free-form optical prism, with a light efficiency ratio of 60%. It has passed the low blue light certification of German Rhein hardware, and the screen is also clear and eye protective under sunny environment.

In terms of functionality, the glasses are currently capable of real-time translation between Chinese and English, and can present the use guidance of Mijia Glasses camera through AR effect. Functions such as botanical garden, zoo and projection screen will also be updated online through OTA in the future.

In terms of security, the product is bound to the Mijia Glasses App account, so other users cannot obtain personal data, and the glasses are designed with built-in storage, so they cannot read internal data if lost accidentally.

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In addition, to ensure the privacy of the subject, the front of the glasses is equipped with an LED indicator light, which will light up when the camera or recording is turned on to inform others.


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