Mijia high-speed hair Dryer H501 Released at 279 yuan, $39


At the launch of Xiaomi Civi 3, Xiaomi released the Mijia high-speed hair Dryer H501, priced at 279 yuan, $39.

According to reports, Mijia high speed hair dryer H501 body is very compact, light to 345g, lighter than a cup of coffee. The center of gravity of the motor is placed under the grip of the handle, the weight distribution of the whole machine is reasonable, and the long hold is not tired.

In terms of power, this hair dryer has a built-in high-speed brushless motor of 110,000 RPM and seven ultra-long air outlets, which can quickly generate strong air flow of 62 meters per second, and the wind speed is five times that of Mijia low-speed basic hair dryer.

At the same time, this hair dryer has 57°C constant temperature and high wind speed drying technology, with more comfortable temperature and high speed soft air dry hair, reduce high temperature drying, protect the scalp and hair.

Not only that, Mijia high-speed hair dryer H501 air release about 200 million high concentration of negative ions at the same time, quickly neutralize hair static electricity, reduce frizz and warping.

In terms of use, this hair dryer can adjust 2 wind speed and 4 wind temperature, and a total of 8 blowing modes can be switched freely. More can remember your hair blowing preferences, automatic memory wind temperature pattern, avoid the trouble of repeated setting.

Very intimate is that it also has the wind temperature visual indication, the four-speed color changing light ring moves with the wind, instantly know the temperature change, let users feel at ease blowing hair.


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