Mijia Induction Cooker 2 Officially Released at 299 yuan, $46


Just released mi Super bo induction cooker, Mi brought mi induction cooker 2, with 2100W stir-fry power, 99 fire control adjustment, intelligent recipes and other features, priced at 299 yuan,$46.

Mijia induction cooker 2 is equipped with 2100W double ring coil, which can be alternately heated to form efficient convection fire and make the pot delicious fully roll; The inner and outer rings can be heated at the same time to realize the fire stir-fry.

Knob to adjust the firepower, slow to 1 block fine adjustment, fast to 10 block change, the operation mode is like the traditional gas stove. The OLED screen clearly displays fire and cooking patterns.

Mijia induction cooker 2 not only preset manual, hot pot, steaming, soup porridge, stir-frying, frying six cooking modes, after connecting to mijia APP, you can also set your own heating scheme and customize the name.

It also carries THE NFC function, the mobile phone gently sticks, immediately pulls out the induction cooker exclusive recipe card. Carefully developed step-by-step interactive recipes, small white cooking can be operated in accordance with cooking steps, induction cooker guide to complete cooking, no need to worry about setting fire.

Different from the traditional temperature probe hidden at the bottom of the micro-crystal panel, the temperature sensing probe of Mijia induction cooker 2 extends out of the micro-crystal panel, and the probe directly contacts the bottom of the pot to help the induction cooker accurately monitor the temperature of the pot body, ensure that the actual temperature of the bottom of the pot is consistent with the set temperature, and achieve accurate adjustment of the temperature.

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At the same time, the temperature sensor and panel gap closed design, and electromagnetic coil completely separated, cooking inadvertently into the water stains can be discharged in time.


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