Mijia Laundry Drying Machine Issued at 1,699 yuan,$242


Xiaomi today released the Mi Home laundry drying machine, the first 1,699 yuan, $242.

It is understood that this washing and drying machine design is very small, only 295*326*400mm, covers an area of about a piece of A4 paper, very space saving.

However, due to the limited volume, disposable washing clothes are not much, suitable for daily use, washing capacity of 0.5kg, drying capacity of 0.2kg.

Mijia laundry drying machine high temperature steam sterilization using physical way, mild and non-irritating, support 95℃ high temperature washing, especially for common HPV virus, gynecological disease root bacteria.

At the same time, cold water washing combined with laundry liquid action, dissolve hemoglobin into amino acids, reheat dissolved heme, with water to remove blood stains.

In addition, it also supports 45 minutes of quick washing and drying, 15 minutes of quick washing, using vibration and noise reduction technology, the fuselage stable operation.

It is worth mentioning that the Mijia laundry and drying machine supports night hosting. If the door is not opened 30 minutes after the laundry is finished, it will automatically open the fresh air for ventilation, so that you will not worry about forgetting to pick up the clothes at night, and there will be no odor in picking up the clothes the next day.

In terms of intelligent interconnection, users can customize laundry procedures through Mijia APP, set parameters such as water level and water temperature, and add favorites. The next laundry can be started with one button to avoid tedious operations before laundry.


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