Mijia Smart Evaporative Cooling Fan List Online at 599 yuan, $85


Xiaomi has launched a number of new products before 618, such as the Mijia Intelligent evaporative air cooler. This fan has already experienced crowdfunding in the Mi Mall, and the crowdfunding price was 489 yuan at that time. However, the price of this fan is 599 yuan, $85 when it is put on the shelves today, which should start the discount before 618.

Mijia intelligent evaporative cooling fan equipped with circulating water cooling system, water and ice crystals can be added to bring different cooling effects; Innovative wireless water tank patent design, can be removed from the body at any time for cleaning; Built-in silver ion antibacterial module, antibacterial rate up to 99.99%; Equipped with 0.4 meters of ultra-long air outlet, with 10 meters of ultra-long air supply distance.

Mijia intelligent evaporative cooling fan supports four kinds of wind adjustment, including direct blowing, natural wind, sleeping wind and cold wind. The operating sound is as low as 35.1 decibels, and the bass operation does not disturb the user. In addition, the product can be connected to the Mijia App, which can be controlled remotely by Xiao Ai.


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