Mijia Thermos Cup Pop-up Cover Version Released at 99 yuan, $14


In August this year, Xiaomi released a new mijia thermos cup, featuring 316L stainless steel liner, thin mirror technology, 12-hour heat preservation and cooling, 500mL large capacity and other selling points. The price is 99 yuan, $14.

Today, mijia thermos cup pop-up version also released, the price of 99 yuan, $14, similar appearance, the main difference is the lid of the different.

Add a lock to the lid of the pop-up version of Mijia thermos cup, and right hand lock the lid to prevent accidental opening. Left dial to unlock, gently press to open the spring cover, easy to operate with one hand.

At the same time, it uses humanized open the lid positioning design, drink when the lid is not easy to fall down.
It also adopts 316L stainless steel liner with spinning and thin technology, and thin-wall laser welding technology is used for vacuum layer. The capacity is 480mL, which is slightly less than 500ml of a meter vacuum cup, and the weight is 225g, which is slightly heavier than 215g of a meter vacuum cup.

In terms of thermal insulation performance, copper plating reflective layer and vacuum thermal insulation layer design is adopted. The inner tank highlights the electrolytic process to reflect the heat radiation back. Copper plating reflector reduces vacuum radiation. Vacuum insulation separates heat convection and conduction, delaying heat dissipation. Double treatment of internal and external radiation, long-lasting heat preservation and cold lock.

In this way, six hours of insulation and cold protection of Mijia Thermos Cup Pop-up Cover are achieved:

Heat preservation test: in the indoor temperature of 20℃±5℃ environment, the cup was filled with 95℃±1℃ hot water to cover the lid tightly, and the water temperature in the cup was above 68℃ after 6 hours.

Cooling test: In the indoor temperature of 20℃±5℃ environment, the cup was filled with cold water of 4℃±1℃ to tighten the lid, and the water temperature in the cup was below 10℃ after being placed for 6 hours.


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