Minecraft PE 1.20.0 APK Free for Android Downloading


The last version of  minecraft 1.20.0 has been released for Androids and presents many innovations and fixes. Also, the developers of the Mojang Studios noted the high stability of the game process.


Blocks in the game space are the main building material. You can build anything using them, and also, get a new block by crossing.

Note: If a Minecraft 1.20.0 player checks the inventory, he will find about 36 different types of new building blocks there.

The possibilities of creating various buildings have become much wider. Steve can build a masterpiece himself, or he can team up with friends and create incredible buildings.

Note: All blocks obey the laws of physics. For example, if there is no block in the base under the sand, then the sand will simply crumble.

Each block has different functionality. Some blocks can be found in huge numbers in the Minecraft 1.20.0 world because they make up the earth, trees, and clouds. Other blocks are very rare and expensive and a user will have to try hard to find them.


Minecraft 1.20.0 developers have added a large number of different ores with interesting functionality. For example, Uranium Ore is needed to produce uranium. To do this, it is enough to melt the blocks.

Note: To melt metal, get a melting furnace

If you melt Lead Ore, you can get lead. Lovers of precious stones will like Topaz Ore. From it, they can get topazes that are ideal for strong and durable tools.

Note: Although diamond is considered the hardest mineral in nature, it is difficult and not productive to create tools from it, because this gemstone is very fragile.

If Steve melts Silver Ore, then the precious metal is obtained, and he can easily sell us and get money. And with money, he can buy almost anything.

Note: Copper Ore has no distinctive functionality in the game.


In addition to the updated blocks, in Minecraft 1.20.0 the player will find new items and tools.

A drill and Throwable dynamite should be mentioned. The drill is needed in the game to create holes in hard rocks. It can be crafted with red stone, iron, a button, and the material that is the basis for the tool.

Throwable dynamite has a super function to destroy blocks. To make it, you need gunpowder, thread, and sand.

Note: The force of the explosion of Throwable dynamite is weaker, so it will not cause harm to the game.

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.0

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version Minecraft PE 1.20.0
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ



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