Mini PC vs Laptop: Which One Should You Choose?


Technology has rapidly changed over the past 10 years. The evolution of new technologies has changed the lives of people to large extent. We can now work faster with laptops modern devices such as mini PC. If you are on a lookout for a portable and handy computer with thrust to performance, then you can either opt for a laptop or mini PC. You should note both mini PC and laptop deliver incredible amount of power to meet your daily work requirements. It’s challenging to pick the correct product on the market. For example, if you research for a laptop, you will find plenty of devices with several configurations from various manufacturers. If you are tech-savvy, then you will not face any difficulty to select a product according to your requirements. The mini PC is a new entrant and is likely to take over laptops within the next 5-6 years. The problem with mini PC is that many people are unaware about it. Even though mini PC and laptop are easy to carry around various places, you will notice considerable difference in features. In this article, we will examine whether you should opt for a mini PC or laptop. Towards the end of this article, you will be in a position to decide whether to opt for a mini PC or laptop based on their strengths and weaknesses.


Laptops and mini PCs are portable when compared with bulky traditional desktop computers. The main point to note is that mini PCs will not provide significant portability when compared with laptops. This is because mini PCs doesn’t provide a dedicated display, keyboard and mouse. You have to carry display and input devices along with the mini PC, which is not always possible. In case of laptops, you can just raise your display and work instantly. While laptops include a dedicated battery, mini PCs require access to AC power outlet. Generally, laptops deliver 3-4 hours of working time without battery depending upon the usage. You now have access to several modern devices that deliver enhanced battery life without compromising on performance. You can work with mini PCs if the destination location have essential peripherals such as display, keyboard and mouse. With the ongoing pandemic, it’s not a healthy practice to use the components used by other people. That said, if you work from home, then you will not face any problems to work with mini PC.


The pricing is one of the important factors, which you should consider carefully while investing for a product. Technically, mini PCs are affordable than laptops because of the absence of the display and peripherals. The advantage of laptop is that you will not only get several components integrated into one device but also all the required peripherals like keyboard, mouse in the form of touchpad, USB ports and much more. You can’t claim this with mini PCs and you will end up purchasing additional parts on top of the default system. You will be required to buy operating system, RAM, Storage and much more.

Flexibility and Upgrades

The main problem with the laptops is that all components are integrated into a single PCB and hence there are limitations to upgrade. You can consider a laptop as a concealed pipeline. The Mini PCs are a big advantage when you compare large size traditional desktops by soldering components inside the chassis. However, barebones mini PCs provide a large degree of upgradation when compared with standard laptops. You will get more freedom of choice when it comes to component selection in case of Mini PCs. You will be able to upgrade easily in future. That said, the revamped Apple 2020 M1 Mac Mini don’t provide support for memory upgradation post purchase.



Mini PCs make use of components that you will normally find in laptops. Hence, performance is not a big concern when it comes between mini PC and laptop. A mini PC is capable of running desktop-class processor, which provides enhanced performance. Moreover, mini PCs can handle heavy activities such as gaming.


Laptops outperform mini PCs in terms of convenience. You can work from garden, terrace or anywhere on the go as long as the device have full battery. Moreover, laptops are configured and pre-loaded with operating systems when you purchase. Nowadays, manufacturers have started to ship Windows 11 laptops and hence you can enjoy latest features. If you are planning to buy a Mini PC, then you should perform ground checks such as availability of ports, cables and much more. You need not have to worry about laptops because they ship with USB 3 and USB 2 ports respectively.


With the rapid surge in COVID-19 pandemic, Work From Home (WFH) has become new normal across the world. Hence, you should provide utmost importance to Ergonomics while working not only from home but also offices. Laptops are not specifically designed for ergonomics because the keyboard is place horizontally, which is difficult to type for an extended time. Hence, you should invest for a good quality computer table with keyboard drawer. You should purchase an external keyboard and establish connectivity either via USB or wireless mode. Sometimes, you will be required to design and build customized tablets to accommodate your computer and other related peripherals. It’s also difficult to work with the touchpad since you have to rotate your fingers, which causes discomfort. Mini PCs provide the much-needed ergonomics because you have the freedom to make use of a separate display, keyboard and mouse. You can arrange them as per your requirement. You can buy a third-party keyboard based on your needs. We now have colored LED keyboards. You will get more comfort if you choose a keyboard with palm rest because you can place your hand and type ergonomically.


Laptops exists since a long time but Mini PCs entered the market just recently. You should note that laptops are not Mini PCs and vice versa. They are manufactured for different segments of people. While professionals who travel frequently make use of laptop, Mini PCs are mainly used by WFH and office people who mainly work from their desk. You will be able to achieve enhanced portability and durability with a laptop when compared with a mini PC. However, a mini PC is affordable than a laptop because of the absence of display and input units such as keyboard and mouse. Moreover, a mini PC also provide enhanced flexibility and is easier to upgrade when compared with a concealed laptop. Mini PCs are suitable only for IT professionals because they know how to work with the device effectively. Laptops are a convenient device for beginners, students and senior citizens. That said, the decision whether to opt for either laptop or Mini PC entirely depends upon your choice and requirements.


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