MINISFORUM HM50 mini PC with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Review


MINISFORUM, a Chinese small COMPUTER maker, will certainly release its most recent model, the HM50. MINISFORUM adds new models every once in a while, but in some cases, for instance in the UM series, the instance is the same, only the CPU version number has transformed. This might be an advantage, because mini-PCs are products of the desktop PC style, but for us at Uintab, that generally present note pad Computers, we occasionally feel that they don’t look extremely fresh.

The HM50 presented right here has a new instance. It’s a little bigger, however I believe the efficiency and usability have definitely improved.

Chinese manufacturers are progressively utilizing the technique of mounting a CPU with a somewhat earlier model number and also lowering the price as necessary, as well as MINISFORUM additionally made use of the 2000s and also 3000s of Ryzen in its previous models, but this HM50 is still equipped with Ryzen 5 4500U, which is not the current, however is still used in brand-new products by domestic and international makers. The HM50 is furnished with the Ryzen 5 4500U, which is still used in brand-new products from residential as well as international suppliers. The HM50 is outfitted with Ryzen 5 4500U, which is not the most up to date however is still utilized in brand-new items from domestic and international manufacturers.

MINISFORUM products have two RAM ports as well as individuals can conveniently access the RAM slots to include or change RAM at a later date if required. If the RAM is insufficient, it can be added or changed at a later date. For storage space, there are additionally 2 2.5 inch SATA drive bays that can be conveniently expanded by the user.

The chassis of the HM50 is one dimension larger than the UM340 that we introduced just a few days earlier.

HM50: 149.6 x 149.6 x 55.5 mm/ 0.75 kg
UM340: 128 × 127 × 46 mm/ 0.5 kg
This suggests that the 13cm square is now 15cm square, but there is no requirement to stress that it will slowly get bigger and bigger till it can no longer be called a tiny PC.

As an advantage of the bigger dimension, the input and also output ports have actually been enhanced. Particularly, there are now an overall of 7 USB ports (five for the UM collection). Unlike note pad Computers, mini PCs need to be linked to a display, key-board, and also mouse, and also some individuals might likewise require to connect a web cam and also audio speakers, so four or five USB ports might appear a bit not enough. In this respect, I believe the HM50 has considerably enhanced usability.

MINISFORUM mini-PCs are made with the assumption that the framework can be opened up. Nevertheless, considering that the HM50 is a brand-new framework, we are uncertain if it has a mechanism to open the leading panel with a single push like the series.

This is the design of input/output ports. The upper picture is the back, as well as the reduced is the front. I think the number of ports is sufficient. This item likewise features a bracket for installing on the back of the screen.

The MINISFORUM HM50 is available for pre-order at the official MINISFORUM store, and also shipment will certainly begin in late April or very early May.

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The price is a little high for a MINISFORUM, I assume, yet the size is a little bigger, comfort is improved, and also expandability is protected, so I think this is a product that you can utilize as your major PC for a very long time.


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