MIUI 10 VS MIUI 9 Speed Test Review, Should You Upgrade to MIUI 10 ?


MIUI 10 starts to do closed-beta test on June 1, but only over 100,000 users have used new OS, according to MIUI forum, it will release MIUI 10 Developer version in public on June 19, first batch includes MIX series, MI5/6/8, MI Note 2, MI 6X, Redmi Note 5 and Redmi S2. Right now we can check MIUI 10 new function, and compare MIUI 10 with MIUI 9 OS, which is better and faster on earth.


The most obvious change about MIUI 10 is latest notification bar, which looks like Android P, right now its short-cut key can turn to pages. Multi-tasking interface has become longitudinal card, the long press management function removed from MIUI 9 has been come back. The weather, time and other apps have changed their interfface, and it has many kinds of new ring bell.It supports full view display gesture motion to switch app conveniently, but in the speed, which is not as fast as thaf ot iPhone X to switch tasks.

Xiaomi MI MIX 2S baseband, inside core and CPU version before upgrading

Xiaomi MI MIX 2S baseband, inside core and CPU version after upgrading

Xiaomi MI 8 SE VS MI MIX 2S VS MI8

Test environment : The most caring issue is about speed, in order  to control variable, this time we use same MI MIX 2S with RAM 8GB ROM 256GB to use. The image below on the left is MIUI 10 5.17 before upgrading to latest version, on the right is MIUI 10 6.13 after upgrading latest version.

In MIUI 9, the phone has been recovered to factory settings, by OTA upgrade to MIUI 10 OS, when app launched, they have 200 nits screen brightness and 100 nits screen brightness. After tesing, the body temperature is 27 degrees, each system compared speed in four times.

MIX 2S(MIUI 9)Frame

MIX 2S(MIUI 10)Frame

As we know its system slogan changes ‘as fast as lightning’ ‘to ‘faster than lightning’ , the result shows the launching speed has enhanced, only not so large. In MIUI 10, apps launching is 1 or 2 seconds faster than old system.

In game, we find MIUI 9 on MI MIX 2S doesn’t affect its game performance, we also test before upgrading to MIUI 10, after 10 minutes playing, due to heat issue, it shows obvious frame fluctation when driving, or other scene.

In MIUI 10, such flucation is smaller, after crazy operation, it may lose frame. In general, the game performance improves, but it still has gap compared with MI8 with new driver and dispatch. The most ovbious difference is that MIUI 10 CPU, RAM occupy lower.

About whether those old phone upgrading to MIUI 10 until later July or not, users should consider according to real situation. The MIUI 10 comes with AI support, those old SoC can bear to run, how is the efficiency, or how is the overall speed, it is still unknown number.

As for new phones released this year, it is definitely necessary to release MIUI 10 OS, after all it will be better for speed, and enhance voice helper, new full view display operation, multi-tasking notification bar will be better to use.Therefore, right now do you know whether your phone upgrades to MIUI 10 or not?

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