MIUI 11 Development Experience Design Language Is More Mature and Experience Comprehensive Innovation


Referring to the OS customization of Chinese phones, Xiaomi MIUI has always been a peak that cannot be crossed by major manufacturers. It has been widely acclaimed design concepts, a deep and loyal user base for many years. It can be said to be a big one in the Chinese OS industry. Even when it comes to Chinese OS, it will be divided into two categories MIUI and others.

MIUI has always been chosen and loved by the public because of its ease of use and stability. There are many users who are unable to “get out of the pit” because of the simplicity and ease use of MIUI. The MIUI 10 is the version of the system that we are currently using. Although everyone is very satisfied with it. After a deep understanding of the user’s needs, Xiaomi brought us a new version called MIUI 11. Now, the company has shared with us that what optimization and change are in MIUI 11.

The more concise and intuitive UI style

Direct and efficient communication between people and interfaces has always been the core of interface design evolution. Serving users and reducing user operation difficulty is the core function of the interface. From MIUI V1 to MIUI 11 Xiaomi is also implementing this concept step by step.

In MIUI 11, Xiaomi has done a lot of subtraction such as the interface removes redundant symbols and fancy colors. In its restrained and precise design language, users can see the core content of the interface

Very intuitively and quickly

Taking into account the convenience of people interacting with the phone, MIUI 11 is very intimate to enlarge the area of ​​the system interaction space and strengthen the indication. This optimization user actually operates, it really feels convenient and worry-free and there is almost no need to worry about the problem of partial or false touch during operation.

In addition, MIUI 11 also added a new industry-leading dynamic font system. The small Milan Pavilion was upgraded to a small Milan Pavilion Pro, which further optimized the Chinese character shape, redesigned the western font and improved the user’s mixed reading experience.

The font is also the world’s first stepless word-heavy font, users can slide the slider below to adjust the font thickness steplessly, find the most pleasing font form, and the stepless word weight can respond to your operation when you press the dial when the keyboard is pressed, the font on the button will become thicker with the click of your finger.

Overall, MIUI 11’s interface, icons, and fonts look very comfortable and intuitive, but they also contain a simple aesthetic.

More diverse and diverse display

In order to give more space for the user, MIUI 11 has added a lot of cool color screen styles such as kaleidoscope, 24-hour screen, and interest screen signature. In addition to the built-in screen style, users can also dial the dial. Personalize settings for style, color, alignment, and more.

MIUI 11 also has a new notification light effect. After the experience, the notification light effect is really amazing. The user chose the pulse light effect, when the notification is received, the screen will flash red like a heartbeat.

The light bar, coupled with a 24-hour screen, is full of futuristic, except for the cool, the user can’t think of any more appropriate adjectives.

More natural and smart ringtones

The MIUI 11 further perfects the natural dynamic sound system, providing elements of the 7 elements of the day, month, gold, wood, water, fire, earth, dynamic alarm clocks, and music for different weather styles. There are 2 types of alarms, such as the weather dynamic alarm clock, and a new bird’s notification sound that will change with time. The birds are singing during the day and the night is buzzing.

MIUI 11 also has smart ringtones. Through system identification, you can divide unfamiliar calls into calls (courier, takeaway, drip, etc.) and unnecessary calls (room agent, insurance agent, advertising, etc.) and automatically Calling a specially designed ringtone, the user can determine if the call is necessary by ringtone.

MIUI 11 adds sound to the sound or not, user can not give you an objective rating, but in general, these sounds are more natural, smooth, and make people feel comfortable.

More convenient and quick mutual transfer experience

Xiaomi mutual transmission supports multiple file formats and is not limited by file size and the number of transmissions. In addition to basic photos and file transfer, MIUI 11 can share applications directly by pressing the application icon on the desktop, and can also be used with Xiaomi notebook.

At the moment, file transfer between phone to Phone and phones to Notebook or PC are very common. After forming mutual communication alliances with OPPO and Vivo, MIUI 11 can provide us with a convenient file transfer experience across brands.

The same brand phone transmits files through Xiaomi, and can also transfer files with OPPO and Vivo phones that open corresponding mutual transmission switches. This function is very practical in life, and the files can be transferred to each other under the mutual transmission alliance. A lot of operations, file transfer is more convenient.

Faster and more versatile screencasting

The MIUI 11 has designed and optimized the screen-casting function. Users can open the screen-casting function after pulling down the notification bar. Compared with the previous screen-casting operation, MIUI 11 It saves a lot of cumbersome steps. If the device to be screened is a Xiaomi TV, the user can quickly find the TV without a network and cast a screen with one button. At present, through cooperation with the broadcast screen, Xiaomi supports access to more than 40 brands of TVs, TV boxes, projectors, and also supports more than 300 different models of TV.

It can support document projection, game projection, album projection, application projection and in order to meet the needs of different scenarios, MIUI 11 also carried out a number of targeted optimization. Users can use the phone’s page-turning, display notes, and virtual laser pen while the TV is displaying the PPT. It can also use the screen to hang up the phone to save power when the game is screened on the TV. Put your Keep, Vibrate and other applications on the TV and spend time with family and friends.

Personal privacy has always been a very difficult problem when using mirroring. After all, when you don’t want to cast a screen in public, very private notifications and calls appear on the big screen, even if it may not cause any bad influence. It is very embarrassing.

The appearance of MIUI 11 perfectly solves this pain point. The privacy protection, the shielding notification bar, and the small window projection function in the projection toolbox not only can block the suspension notification and incoming calls but also can not be displayed on the big screen. The global small window, through this small window, we can freely reply to the information, use the app, these operations will not be seen on the big screen, the big screen will continue to play the content we want to play.

In addition to the above mentioned, MIUI 11 has many enhancements and optimizations in the user experience:

1. Earthquake warning

MIUI 11 has added an earthquake warning function, which provides daily earthquake knowledge science plus timely and accurate earthquake warning notices and warning prompts, which can provide users with more time to avoid danger before the disaster, and provide users with professional The earthquake escape proposal, users can also quickly find nearby shelters and rescue services through the earthquake rescue function, and contact emergency contacts with one click.

2, file management

With MIUI 11’s new file management function, the file will become an intuitive thumbnail form, which is more efficient to find. It is a unique feature for deep customization of different format documents, and it can also satisfy users’ files in text, table, PDF and other formats. More browsing needs.

3, convenient printing

A new system printing service that supports the discovery and connection of 26 printer brands and 2,800 printer models. Once connected to the printer, users can print instantly through the print portal in the photo album and file manager, and also have humanized printing. Notice.

MIUI 11 also has some regular upgrades, such as to-do items, smart travel assistants, quick reply, children’s space, superpower saving, screen time management, SOS emergency help, family protection, etc. These functions are relatively straightforward in name and purpose.

Through these days of use, the user can feel MIUI 11’s good intentions in the overall design and function improvement, simple and intuitive UI style and optimization and new intimate functions, making MIUI 11 look and use it. They are very efficient and comfortable, plus a lot of nuances. Although they are inconspicuous, they are quiet and comprehensive, which enhances the user experience. MIUI 11, really good to use, I recommend everyone to upgrade as soon as possible.

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