[MIUI 11 Feature Review #12] Where to Share Your Favourite App from the System Launcher!


MIUI 11 has made our life simpler with it’s evolved design and a range of amazing features. Today we will be talking about two such brilliant features that would surely impress you with it’s ease and efficiency – Long Holidays and App sharing from System launcher itself. We love holidays! Be it for a mini vacation or just to relax at home. But with our busy 9 to 5 daily lives sometimes we just can’t keep a track on all the back to back holidays and miss some golden chances to travel and satisfy the wanderlust in us. With MIUI 11 it’s now easier than ever to plan a long holiday in advance. Let’s have a quick look at this feature:

How to Access Long Holidays:

  • Go to Mi Calender App
  • Click on 3 dots menu at top right corner.
  • Enable Long Holidays
[MIUI 11 Feature Review #12] Share Your Favourite App from the System Launcher! Know More!

Now whenever you will visit the home page of Mi Calendar app, you will see the long holiday tab. Here you can visit all the holidays listen and edit them as well. To add or remove the default listed holidays click on Manage Holidays. From there you can customize the monthly and weekly day offs as per your work schedule. Different organizations have different norms for holidays. So you can add holidays which are not in the list or remove anyone from the list too as per your preference. Just tick/untick on the list.


[MIUI 11 Feature Review #12] Share Your Favourite App from the System Launcher! Know More!

Now comes another useful feature. Sharing is caring! We all believe in that. Isn’t it? Apart from sharing images, music, videos and doc files sometimes it’s become necessary to transfer different third party applications to your friends and family! MIUI 11 has brought the most simple and easiest approach for it. Now you can share the apk of third party application directly from the system launcher with just a single tap. No need to use any third party application for it! Let’s have a look on this!

How to share apps from system launcher?

  • Go to the Home screen
  • Long press on any of the third party apps you want to share
  • Tap on share
  • You can share it via Bluetooth, ShareMe, WhatsApp and many more!


[MIUI 11 Feature Review #12] Share Your Favourite App from the System Launcher! Know More!

Please note if you are using this feature for the first time you have to go through a Disclaimer and accept it after a careful reading. Give these simple but useful features a try and see the charm!
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