Xiaomi Mi6 Has MIUI 11 Stable Version Now Supports Browser Homepage


MIUI 12The stable version of MIUI 11 for the Xiaomi Mi 6 now supports the browser homepage. The user can enable this function through the “short version homepage” set in the browser.

The simple version of the homepage of Xiaomi Browser cancels the weather, information flow, and other content, and only has the “Explore” logo, search box, and web page shortcut entry. The MIUI 12 user can enable this function through the “short version homepage” set in the browser.

Xiaomi Mi6 is a product launched by Xiaomi in April 2017. In the MIUI 11 stable version system previously released, Xiaomi Mi6 fixed the problem that the mobile phone avatar could not enter the application notification setting page through the notification bar, and the problem that the occasional notification bar could not be dropped.

At present, MIUI 12 has also been launched for 32 models, including Xiaomi Mi6, Xiaomi Mi10, and other devices. MIUI 12 brings many new features such as brand-new system animation, super wallpaper. Synesthesia visual design language. Privacy protection, global free window, and barrier-free.

A Chinese blog organized reports that MIUI 12 uses Android’s underlying grapefruit light cone animation architecture. Which is substantially ahead of Android, to deliver realistic kinematics + language. And culture-conscious visual design, and super wallpapers that breakthrough space constraints.

MIUI 12 also has enhanced privacy guarding capabilities to defend your data rights; supports global free windows and is probably the best mobile multitasking solution in the world. It adopts a precise smart string mobile phone motion detection algorithm, negligible power consumption, etc.

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