MIUI 12 Camera is Developing The AI Shutter Function


According to foreign media XDA-Developers, with the arrival of MIUI 12, many new features and new functions have been added to the Xiaomi camera, and yesterday XDA developers found that Xiaomi is developing more functions for it, One of which is AI Shutter. AI Shutter is a new feature similar to the Top Shot function in Google Camera. It supports users to continuously press the shutter button to shoot multiple materials to help users pick the most satisfactory one in this series of photos as the final result.

Everybody occasionally encounters some moments of taking photos to commemorate but suddenly “change the accident” in life. For example, when the shutter is pressed, someone closes his eyes or sneezes, or just enters an unexpected guest in the frame. This situation is difficult for most users to accept, but re-shooting may have long lost interest, so this function can help users select the most satisfactory one in a series of continuous shooting moments, to This improves the user experience.

Xiaomi temporarily called the function “AI Shutter”. From the string, you can see the name of the function and the function notes, but because the author does not currently have the conditions for unpacking the firmware of the MIUI 12 beta version, it is temporarily unable to provide readers with further information. explain.

The following is the code that XDA staff found in the beta camera:

<string name = “pref_camera_ai_shutter_description” > Select best moment automatically when pressing the shutter button </string><string name = “pref_camera_ai_shutter_title” > AI shutter </string>
IT House understands that this feature only appears in the MIUI 12 beta, but it is not enabled, and it is unclear when and when this feature will be implemented and released in MIUI 12.


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