MIUI 14 First Hands-on Experience Review: Smooth and Light


With the release of the Mi 13 series, MIUI 14 also officially debuted. This time, MIUI 14 mainly made a subtraction for the system. Through the “Razor Project”, the resource occupation of the hardware by the system has been reduced, bringing users a lightweight but powerful system.

Today we use the just-released Mi 13 Pro as an experienced model to see what makes MIUI 14 stand out.

What has been reduced in MIUI 14?

With the continuous improvement of system functions, the storage space occupied by the system is also increasing. MIUI 14 streamlines the storage space occupied by the system, reduces the storage space occupation, and can reserve more files for users. Space.

In addition, in addition to the storage space, MIUI 14 also reduces the startup items by 12%, so it can save 9% of the boot memory usage. At present, many mobile phones are equipped with 8GB of memory, and the streamlined MIUI 14 can make mobile phones with 8GB of memory have a smoother experience.

Every mobile phone will have pre-installed software, and MIUI 14 has also streamlined this pre-installed software. Not only all third-party pre-installed software can be deleted, but also some of Xiaomi’s own system applications can be deleted.

In the whole system, there are only 8 basic applications of telephone, SMS, contacts, file management, system settings, application store, browser, and a camera that cannot be deleted, and the desktop icons of contacts and file management can be further hidden so that the entire system There are only 6 system application icons left on the desktop, which brings a very simple system to users.

And after we use the mobile phone, we will also install a lot of applications. There may be many programs that we will not use often, such as 12306, personal income tax, etc., which may only be used once or twice a year, but they cannot be uninstalled directly.

For these infrequently used applications, MIUI 14 introduces a low-frequency application compression function to reduce the storage space occupied by these applications.

MIUI 14 also supports the cleaning of duplicate files. For example, in WeChat, every time we forward a file, we will save a copy on the mobile phone. In this way, there are still a large number of duplicate files. Through the duplicate file cleaning function of MIUI 14, Waste of storage can also be avoided.

MIUI 14 has a certain reduction in storage space and memory usage. For low-end and mid-range models, the improvement brought about by these changes will be more obvious.

Of course, for the flagship-level Mi 13 Pro, MIUI 14 naturally gives full play to the hardware performance of the phone, bringing a smooth and smooth experience in daily use. The MIUI system can adjust the animation rate, which can further enhance the smoothness visually.

In order to ensure a smoother control experience, MIUI 14 not only streamlines the requirements for hardware but also greatly optimizes the system architecture and scheduling mechanism. Keep it responsive.

Personalized desktop makes your phone unique

MIUI 14 has also been upgraded for desktop personalization, which not only enriches the types and quantities of desktop widgets but also adds icon shape settings. Each icon has 4 sizes to choose from and can be combined with desktop widgets. Create a more personalized interface.

At present, the desktop icon system of MIUI 14 has been opened to designers, and there will be more styles for users to choose from in the future. The diversified settings meet the needs of users for personalized desktops.

MIUI 14 also adds a flower pet decoration, which can add a small pet or green plant plug-in on the main screen of the mobile phone. When the plug-in is clicked, the flower pet decoration can also interact with the user, just like an electronic small pet.

Added end-side text recognition capability to further enhance information security

Since MIUI 12, Xiaomi has been emphasizing system security issues, including the previously launched flares, interception nets, hidden masks, and other functions, all to ensure that the privacy of mobile phone users will not be stolen by software at will. At present, MIUI has obtained the five-star certification of personal information protection and CTA 5 certification issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which also shows the outstanding performance of MIUI in security.

With the improvement of mobile phone performance, many functions can be implemented on the mobile phone, so it can better help users protect the security of information. In MIUI 14, the function of extracting text from pictures on the mobile phone has been added, which can extract and copy the information in the photos. This process is all completed on the mobile phone without networking, and there is no need to worry about data leakage.

When recognizing graphic text, you only need to press and hold the screen to select the text content you want to copy, just like we usually copy text information, the operation is still very convenient.

Compared with other systems, MIUI 14 has higher accuracy in text recognition, supports the extraction of multiple voices, and can even recognize handwritten text recognition, which has a better experience in practical applications.

At the same time, MIUI 14 also supports Chinese real-time subtitles on mobile phone. It not only supports Chinese recognition but also can realize Chinese-English translation. This function is also realized by using the performance of the mobile phone itself through Xiaoai Translation, without the intervention of cloud computing.

For example, during a video conference, we can present the communication content in text. The recognition process does not require network support and will not affect the smoothness and stability of the conference.

Mijia ushered in version 8.0 new interface device control at a glance

Mijia 8.0 is built into MIUI 14. The new version optimizes the interface and integrates the same type of smart devices. Not only can these devices be operated at the same time with one button, but also can be opened with a single control.

In addition, the distribution information of the rooms has also been added to the home page of Mijia, so it is more convenient to switch to the device menu to make a selection.

Mijia 8.0 also provides a variety of intelligent scene settings to help users preset the linkage operation of multiple devices in different scenes, without the need for users to add devices one by one, and can realize one-click scene generation.

In the era of smart interconnection, mobile phones play the role of the center, so MIUI 14 also optimizes the full-link self-developed algorithm for interconnection, further improving the interconnection experience of mobile phones, such as allowing the mobile phone to discover connected devices 50% faster, connect The speed of the device is increased by 12%.

In the actual usage scenario, it is mainly reflected in when the earphone is connected to the mobile phone. When the earphone is opened, the connection prompt can pop up on the mobile phone, and there is almost no need to wait. In addition, when the mobile phone is connected to the TV or other devices, it will have a faster speed.

In addition, the high-speed interconnection of MIUI 14 is also reflected in the speed. The transmission speed of MIUI 14 has increased by 77%, so the transmission speed after the mobile phone is connected to the computer will be faster, making the wireless transmission between the mobile phone and the computer more efficient.

Relying on the optimized interconnection effect, MIUI 14 also brings the earphone transfer function. Through the built-in Xiaomi Miaoxiang Center in MIUI 14, you can realize the cross-device connection of earphones by dragging the earphones. Adjustment is also very convenient.

When the mobile phone and the TV are connected to the same WiFi, the mobile phone can be used as remote control of the TV through Miaoxiang Center. If you click the search function of the TV, the search box will also pop up on the mobile phone, and you can search for TV content through the mobile phone. This is much more convenient and quicker than using the remote control to search.


The most important upgrade of MIUI 14 is the significant simplification of the system, which not only reduces the system’s occupation of mobile phone resources but also ensures that MIUI 14 still has a smooth experience after a long period of use. The continuous and stable smooth experience is MIUI The biggest advantage of 14.

In addition, MIUI 14 has strengthened the privacy capabilities of the device and further improved the data security of the mobile phone, allowing users to use the mobile phone with more confidence.

With the blessing of MIUI 14, the mobile phone has further strengthened the role of the smart center and played a more important role in the smart home.

MIUI 14 is still highly recommended for everyone to upgrade, especially for users of non-flagship phones. With the support of MIUI 14, the mobile phone experience will be further improved.

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