MIUI 8 Open Source Team Dismissed


A few days ago, in the group of Oneplus smartphones compatible with MIUI 8 OS, we found an announcement, Xiaomi MIUI8 official Patchrom team has been dismissed. The relative open source projects have stopped to update. So what’s up? Currently, the third party MIUI 8 compatibility is developed by Xiaomi official Patchrom project and tool. Their dismission means Xiaomi MIUI OS will not have open source in the near future, if other smartphones wants to upgrade to MIUI OS, it will be impossible. You can only use the previous old MIUI version.

Someone said that Xiaomi MI6 is coming soon, MIUI 9 is also coming, so they have stopped the MIUI 8 open source.  And Wu Xianlin as the third party ROM developer of OPPO, Xiaomi, Oneplus community makes a post about their dismission of MIUI 8 Patchrom team on Weibo. After seeing that, it proves MIUI OS will not do open source for other smartphones. And he also said Oppo Find 9 doesn’t exist.

Here is the post about his explanation of dismission below.

He not only made expression about MIUI open source team dismission, but also claimed that currently they have their own ROM, in order to protect their privacy, its own ROM can be used for its own brand. Anyway, it’s sad news for those MIUI OS fans without using Xiaomi smartphone.


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