MIUI 9 OS Finally Will Come Out As Early as August, Check FAQ about MIUI9 From its Official


Currently, MIUI official Weibo confirms they are planning MIUI 9 OS indeed, but it is under development, which has hinted that MIUI 9 will not be far away to come out. Lei Jun claims that the design concept is more fluent, more stable, more power-saving, but according to official, MIUI 9 will make some simplification to change its bloated state.

In the 11th latest MIUI official FAQ, the anxious netizens ask that when will Xiaomi MIUI 9 come out? MIUI official Weibo has not given exact answer, just saying focus on MIUI official Wechat. Last year on May 10, MIUI 8 officially was been released, in August, they have rolled out stable version. The new OS design is from kaleidoscope, adding more colorful feature,and adding its own Xiaomi Lanting font and enjoy app split screen function. Right now one year passed, it has greeted the new update now.

And the netizens guess that Xiaomi has the tradition to release new OS in August. And parts of MIUI developer versions has stopped to update on June 12, it will recover until August. Therefore, MIUI 9 will be released in August. You can check the FAQ from MIUI official below.

Q: How long will MIUI 8 OS developer version update?
A: Since 2017, besides updating per week, MIUI will also optimize different system. In order to get the best optimization effect, the engineer team will need some time to develop closely, in order to concentrate to improve users’ experience.

After serious discussion and communication, we decides since June 12, 2017, besides Xiaomi MI6 and other 15 models, other models will  stop to update including developer version and beta version, and the stable version will not be affected, in order to keep engineer to focus on the OS optimization more, the optimization time will last for some time, those stopped models will be recovered to update until August.

Q:Where can I find card flash ROM?
A:In the MIUI focus and MIUI official Wechat.

Q:When will MIUI 9 come out?
A: Just focus on official Wechat to search the public account: MIUI.


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