MIUI Development Version More Stable in Time Than Stable Version?


Xiaomi MIUI provides users with a stable version and a development version of two systems. Generally speaking, the upgrade cycle of the MIUI stable version is about once a month, and it will be released after strict internal product testing.

The upgrade cycle of the development version is once a week, and the release time is after 11 am on Friday. For example, today, July 9th (Friday), the MIUI development version is updated to 503 weeks.

Thirteen issues have been fixed this week, including issues such as opening the small window on the horizontal screen to restart, the phone interface does not pop up for incoming calls, occasionally not showing alarm reminders and inconsistent notification sizes.

The development version is generally converted to a stable version for Xiaomi mobile phone users to download after about a month of development and testing. For the time being, users of the stable version cannot experience the above-repaired content.

Therefore, some netizens asked: What do you think about “Because the development version is released more frequently, bug fixes are more timely, while the stable version is released at a slower pace, and the remaining bugs cannot be fixed in time. The development version is more stable than the stable version”. A phenomenon?

In this regard, Zhou Zhibin, the head of the MIUI quality department, replied: The development version is released in a fixed cycle because the scope of the release is limited, problems can be withdrawn in time, and the users of the development version have the strong hands-on ability, which can be solved through the rollback system. Difficult Problems.

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However, the stable version has a large user group, and the suspension of the version will have a great impact. According to our internal statistics, the rate of withdrawal of the stable version is significantly lower than that of the development version. Thanks to Mi Fan friends for giving us the development version. The feedback on the questions raised helps us to make the stable version stable.

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