Miwu Smart Mouse Pad Released: High-Precision Screen Printing


Miwu Technology was established in December 2015 and officially became Xiaomi’s 56th ecology in 2016, committed to introducing PC peripherals into a new mobile era. At present, it has launched a variety of products such as Xiaomi portable mouse, Xiaomi gaming mouse, Miwu calculator, Miwu Bluetooth dual-mode keyboard, Miwu Smart Mouse Pad, and Miwu gaming mouse pad.   Today, Miwu launched a super-large original mouse pad with a length of 80cm, a width of 30cm, and a thickness of 4mm. It has high-precision screen printing, non-slip shading, and precision seaming. The price is 29.9 yuan.

Miwu Smart Mouse Pad adopts a high-density weaving process, which can better ensure the smoothness and precision of the mouse when sliding.

The edge of the mouse pad adopts a fine knitting method to remove excess continuation edges to ensure the mouse pad is durable. The bottom non-slip shading design better fits the desktop and will not slip easily during use.

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The Miwu Mouse Pad adopts Vietnam imported natural rubber + textile cloth surface, which is soft and elastic. After the mouse pad is soiled, it can be washed directly without worrying about stains remaining.


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