MJX Bugs 16 Pro RC Drone Now Just $224.99 [Limited Sale]


MJX has established its name in the market as a high-quality manufacturer of quadcopter production. The MJX BUGS 16 PRO has also retained the MJX tradition of being an excellent drone. Equipped with brushless motors, the Quadcopter comes with built-in GPS and other indispensable features that you need in a quadcopter.

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The Bugs 16 Pro adopts foldable arms, with dimensions of 29.5 x 8 x 8.7 cm for transport, a bit like Parrot’s Anafi. Arms unfolded in flight position, it measures 39.5 x 39.5 x 8.7 cm. Its engine-to-engine diagonal is 29.5 cm. Bugs 16 Pro has a foldable and flexible body. This product is designed in dark color and is easy to carry due to the ability to fold the arms.


The camera of the genuine MJX Bugs 16 Pro drone delivers extremely sharp 4K/30 fps video recording with a 90-degree wide-angle lens to help you own much more impressive frames. Besides, thanks to the modern 1/3 inch CMOS sensor, every color of the image is preserved and reproduced vividly before your eyes.


MJX has considered an 11.4 volt battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh for this helishot. This powerful battery can provide up to 28 minutes of flight time with 1 battery for this helishot. In the combo pack of this product, there is an extra battery and the user can use these two batteries for nearly 1 hour of flight time, which is a great number.

Brushless Motors

Bugs 16 Pro quadcopter has 2204 1000kv brushless motors. These types of motors have higher quality and stability than normal motors and produce less noise. It is said that this product has the highest quality brushless motor compared to similar products in the market.

Radio Control

The MJX Bugs 16 Pro Helishot has a handy, easy-to-use radio control. On this controller, there is an LCD screen that gives the user details about the surrounding environment, charging the quadcopter and other things. The radio board of this bird is 1.2 km, equivalent to 1200 meters.

GPS Sensor

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This sensor allows people to know the position of an object or human well. Bugs 16 Pro quadcopter has a GPS sensor that allows users to track the drone at any time. Despite this system, you will not have to worry about losing the position of the bird in the sky.

3-axis Gimbal

The MJX Bugs 16 Pro quadcopter has a 3-axis gimbal; This anti-vibration has made it possible to remove the vibrations caused by strong shocks in all 3 axes. Also, this drone has EIS – Electronic Image Stabilization technology. EIS is actually a very effective technology to eliminate hand shake while shooting. With a 3-axis gimbal and EIS, you can record high-quality and professional images and videos.

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