MJX Bugs 16 Pro Review – With 3-axis Gimbal RC Drone at $229 From Banggood (Coupon)


MJX is a well-known drone brand and is known for its low-priced drone products. Many quality Bugs series drones have been released with many good choices, especially for beginners. Recently, the company has continued to launch another new product called Bugs 16 Pro. It’s been a long time since MJX has released a new product and this time will probably make players look forward to the information about this drone. In this MJX Bugs 16 Pro drone, users will see new breakthroughs from the design to the performance of the device, giving players the feeling that they are using a real mid-range cheap drone.


MJX Bugs 16 Pro has a completely different design compared to its previous drones. The wing design is still folded into the body, but there are many differences. The body is made thinner and the camera head is similar to DJI’s Mini 2 drone model. The 2 front and 2 rear wings are designed to be attached to the body of the camera in the same position, unlike other drone models, which are 2 separate positions. The body has a battery that is attached to the back half for easy removal, not the type of battery attached to the battery compartment like other types of drones.

Another detail in the design is that the camera part is equipped with an anti-vibration gimbal, so it has completely exposed the outside of the body in front instead of hiding deep inside like the previous Bugs lines. The camera’s design and size are also quite compact and similar to the camera of recent mid-range drone models. The two rear axles of the machine also have 2 more feet like the two front axles.


MJX Bugs 16 Pro’s camera for 4K/30 fps video recording quality. There is a 1/3 inch CMOS sensor for image processing. However, the most impressive point is that it is equipped with a 3-axis anti-vibration gimbal and added EIS electronic stabilization. Bugs 16 Pro has completely impressed with the 3-axis gimbal, which has never been seen in previous MJX drone models. We will have high expectations for the video quality of this drone, which is equipped with both physical and electronic stabilization systems. The camera angle of the device can be rotated 90 degrees and it uses 5G wifi image transmission.

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The motor of the machine is a brushless motor 2204 1000 kv; according to the company, this is the best motor ever of a Bugs fly cam; this motor helps the machine to lift a maximum weight of 230 grams. The operating range of MJX Bugs 16 Pro can be up to 1000 meters thanks to the 2.4 GHz signal transmission. Bugs 16 Pro’s maximum flight time is about 28 minutes. That’s thanks to the equipped 11.4V 3200 mah smart battery, on the battery body there is also a battery level LED indicator for players to monitor.

The control handle of MJX Bugs 16 Pro still has the same familiar design and function; as the handle of previous products. The handle still has all the functions such as the button to take pictures and record movies quickly, the Return to home function button to let the plane return to the starting position, the button to rotate the camera angle up and down, and the center of the handle. is a Led screen that displays flight parameters including battery level, handheld connection wave, GPS wave level, and operating range. Bugs 16 Pro uses the App to connect to the controller, which is M RC PRO. The app is very easy to use.


This MJX Bugs 16 Pro drone has been upgraded and added many new functions and features. The most prominent is the 4K camera with integrated 3-axis anti-shake gimbal; and EIS electronic stabilization for smoother and more stable video recording. Flight time up to 28 minutes is also an extremely impressive number. We can buy it from Banggood at $229 by using Coupon Code: BGMJXB16 in Flash Sale.


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