MJX V6 Review – Foldable RC Quadcopter at $349.80 From Gearbest (Flash Sale)


MJX V6 RC Quadcopter is a new foldable drone model from the best mid-range aircraft manufacturer. Compact size, stylish design, simple intuitive operation and state-of-the-art technology and components. Such a quadrocopter will be an excellent gift for a young pilot. The kit contains everything you need to launch, so you can buy the MJX V6 drone with a 2K 5G camera completely ready to fly.

Buy MJX V6 RC Quadcopter From Gearbest


The MJX V6 Foldable Drone has a unique folding mechanism, compact size and lightweight, which you can easily carry everywhere and weighs 540 grams, and dimensions 185 × 125 × 65mm folded or 400 × 440 × 65mm open. Bright LED lights make flying at night and in the dark as easy as during the day. Your V6 looks cool and attractive. Compact size, stylish design, simple intuitive controls and the most advanced technology and components make this model one of the best aircraft in the mid-range. You will get GPS and typical flight modes such as return home, trajectory and waypoint. The app is user-friendly and MJX has done a great job putting it all together. Overall, this is a good drone for beginners.

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MJX V6, with the help of its Brushless motor, can withstand wind up to <4 Level. In other words, the Brushless motor guarantees the V6 smooth and comfortable flights. It has a 2.7 HD camera. V6’s mounted 2.7 HD camera can record and capture ultra-high-definition 2704 × 1520 images and videos from above with ease. In other words, V6’s camera can record 4k videos at the rate of 16fps and 2.5k at the rate of 25fps. Additionally, It can transmit real-time videos at lightning speed with its 5G wifi video transmission technology. Now with the camera sensor quality like that, you can take your V6 on your next mountainside vacation and produce excellent and scenic footage from above. Furthermore, You can vertically adjust the camera angle at 180-degree from the remote controller. V6 comes with many intelligent features. The features which are must-have for producing creative content such as “follow me,” “optical flow positioning,” “point of interest,” and last but not least, “tap and fly.” In the ‘follow me’ mode, you can make the drone to follow you. It tracks and follows your mobile phone via GPS.

You can take shots of yourself from an aerial perspective with the remarkable “follow me feature.” The optical flow positioning makes the quadcopter intelligent and lets you capture great content for your social media. In the ‘point of interest,’ the quadcopter will hover over a specific ‘point of interest’ in a circle. In the ‘tap and fly,’ you can make the V6 to fly and take aerial footage of a pre-chosen path. Just tap on the map or define the way on its remote-controller and It will fly on the specified path and take footage from above. Moreover, It has many features that you can utilize. MJX V6 can fly at the max speed of 40km/h and ascent up to 120m at the speed of 3m/s. In other words, It can fly very high and notably fast. Not only that, the quadcopter comes with a 3400mAh battery. It means you can fly this marvellous quadcopter for about 22mins straight.


MJX V6 is an intelligent and the newest addition to the MJX family. MJX has produced quality high-performance quadcopters in the past, and V6 is no different. We can buy it from Gearbest at $349.80 in Flash Sale.

Buy MJX V6 RC Quadcopter From Gearbest


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