MJX X101A with MJX C4018 720P Aerial Camera RC Quadcopter Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Quadrocopter MJX X101A from the company Meijiaxin Toys. It has various functions and the price is cheap. This X101A continues the advantage of X-SERIES, and it is capable of installing 2.4G radio control technology, 3D flip & roll, 6 axis gyro system, 1 key return, headless mode, throttle control limit mode, pioneering aerial gimbals, It has functions such as HD aerial camera (# C4005 / C4008 / C4009) and FPV image transmission, and it is popular!


The unique design with two little LED eyes make it look spooky, the build quality looks promising. The MJX X101A is modern and very handsome. The combination of white, as well as bright red, convinced us, the small ventilation slots in the motor seats also fit perfectly into the completely future-oriented design. MJX X101A Quadrocopter has impressive size, so the apartment is not to use it safely. MJX X101A hanger equipped with a shock-absorbing cushion which in turn provides a small image stabilizer mounted camera. To provide better photographing experience for players, we create 3 options(3 different FPV camera devices) for this model. Any of the 3 cameras could be installed onto X101A. The unique MJX Shock Absorption Cradle Head coordinates the camera to deliver smooth and steady frames to players. The MJX X101A itself has 500 * 500 * 190mm dimensions, With a weight of 450g. The MJX X101A comes with a 7.4V 1200mAh 30C Lipo battery which gives a range of about 10 minutes and a charging time of 150 minutes.


Mounted with camera set #C4005/C4009 and install the “MJX C4005 FPV” smartphone and Mounted with camera set #C4008 and install the “MJX FPV” software to smart phone, the photos and videos that taking by the quad-copter can be seen alive when the quad-copter is flying. After installed with camera #C4008, connect the mobile device with camera, players can enjoy the most perfect images quality through the MJX FPV APP. Adopted the latest Automatic Identification remote control technology, the quadcopter can be easily got back under headless mode. With the remote control positioning system, the quadcopter can automatically locate the remote control. When flying under headless mode, press one-key return button, the quadcopter will return automatically. When the quad-copter is flying up to 3 meters high, slide the NORM/PRO switch to the “PRO” postion. There are two ways available to achieve the 3D Roll action:1. Press the 3D roll function button, the quad-copter will automatically roll forward. 2.Push the throttle control stick to the top,then, push the roll action stick to the limit of any rolling direction(forward/bacward/left/right),the copter will perform the roll action accordingly,loosen the roll control stick right away and slightly push down the throttle control stick once roll action is finished.

MJX X101A has 2.4GHz frequency range, if changed to the familiar frequency as we know, it equals to 2400MHz.Hence, it is also named as high frequency. Generally speaking, high frequency does not cause signal interference. The frequency range of 2.4GHz comes to fruition firstly in signal anti-interference. This year, signal interference occurs from time to time in the remote control playing gathering. Someone even doubt that high-voltage induction coil that caused by the spark of the car engine may bring signal interference.But, do not worry. The 2.4GHz does very well in this aspect. Signal interference will not occur even though multiple helicopters are played at the same time.


If you are looking for a quadrocopter at an affordable price, you can quickly get on the X101A from MJX. This is an inexpensive product that can not only convince beginners. The flying object will also give experienced pilots a lot of joy. You can buy MJX X101A From TOMTOP at $82.99 using Coupon Code: LQPX101A



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