MJX X104G 5G Wifi GPS Drone Review: Comes with 1080P Camera For Just $81.99 at TOMTOP


You must be loving this MJX X104G 5G super amazing 1080p FPV drone! It’s equipped with so many cool functions, MJX X104G is the new generation drone from MJX family. It is the ideal go-to solution to film stunning high-quality videos and take outstanding photos, capturing the best moments of your everyday life.

Buy MJX X104G 5G Wifi GPS Drone with 1080P Camera at $81.99


The MJX X104G 5G Wifi GPS Drone is a compact quadcopter ( 305 * 305 * 90mm ) and low weight. It is built in the classic ABS-Type Plastic, The design of the MJX X104G 5G Wifi GPS Drone is minimalistic with smooth lines. MJX X104G 5G Wifi GPS Drone apart from other gadgets is that it has a unique design. It has fierce appeal and the protectors for the propellers have a curved design. this drone is really beautiful with black glossy colors which attractive and eye-catching. Another good design in the device is its beautiful LED lights which would create a wonderful flying experience at night. The remote controller adopts two-way 2.4GHz technology and features the functions of weak signal alarm and low voltage alarm. That helps you to assess the situation via the status indicator on the remote controller and the sound emitted from the remote controller, then locate and solve problems in time.


MJX X104G Drone comes 5G WIFI 1080P wide-angle camera enables you to have a further real-time images transmission image for fantastic video/picture taking. You can also capture photos and record videos for a great memory. It 3D flips with amazing agility provides a stunt aerial show. Lastly, Under the hood is a 3.8V 1500mAh Modularized lipo battery(39g) with a flying time of about 12mins. MJX X104G Drone is always under control. State-of-the-art GPS system makes the X104G completely aware of its location and relation to you. It hovers precisely, moves accurately, and locks onto satellites fast. 3 types of Return-to-Home (RTH) are designed to protect your X104G. The aircraft’s camera will lock on your mobile phone when using this function, the aircraft will track you automatically and capture your movement with a particular aerial view. The camera lens will keep pointing at the mobile phone and remain constant distance to the mobile phone. The aircraft built-in remote control positioning system, it can record the return point when takes off. Press the one key return button while flying in the headless mode, the aircraft will return automatically. Change to the headless mode, the aircraft will recognize the direction of the remote control. Just keep in mind that your head and the drone’s head. Your front is the drone’s front.


The MJX X104G 5G Wifi GPS Drone with 1080P Camera is perfect for beginners who want to approach the world of drones at a reduced cost, strong simplicity of use and guaranteed fun. You can buy it from TOMTOP with One Battery at $81.99, With Two Batteries at $93.99, and with Three Batteries at $101.99 in Flash Sale…

Buy MJX X104G 5G Wifi GPS Drone with 1080P Camera at $81.99


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