Mobile casinos – the best way to Enjoy play casino From anywhere!


Today, mobile phones are used to perform a myriad of tasks. From sending emails and text messages to making bank transfers and placing wagers, this small and highly portable device comes in handy in our daily lives. As such, anybody in a mobile and casino gaming article looking for the best way to enjoy casino games from anywhere in the world can check out this guide.

Who can play in a mobile casino?

Mobile casinos like Betway are accessible to anyone who can sign up and log into a casino through the mobile platform. That’s usually anyone above 18 years (or 21 years), depending on the state law. Such casinos are accessible through your Smartphone or tablet, though you must have a player account before you can deposit your money and start placing wagers.

Over the last couple of years, mobile casinos have become common in the gambling industry, with almost every online casino operator offering this option. However, they all have to operate under regulations set by the governing authority such as the UK Gambling Commission or the MGA in Malta.

How to access a mobile casino

Today, there are lots of mobile casinos on the internet. However, how you access them all depends on your ability to sieve through the myriad of options available online to find the right fit for you. Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

  • Start by checking out sites with the right partners such as Betway88 and also ensure they have the necessary security measures.
  • Open the casino website and create your user account using your email address or phone number with other real details such as names.
  • After creating your account, follow the mobile phone download link on the site and choose the relevant app download depending on whether you’re using an Android or an iOS device.
  • Once your download is finished, log in the app with the details registered on the casino website and start accessing the games offered. 

Why play in a mobile casino

Placing your wager on a mobile casino all comes down to convenience and ease of access. A recent study indicates that over 65% of modern gamblers prefer to use hand-held devices or to visit a brick and mortar casino. That’s why the mobile casino industry has grown from $16 billion to almost $40 billion in 2019. Here are multiple reasons why you may choose to access casino games via mobile casinos:


  • Superb gaming experience


Most games accessible through mobile phone are well-optimized for a smooth gaming experience on your phone. For that reason, players experience incredible graphics, superb soundtracks, and fast-loading speeds in real-time.


  • Privacy


Let’s face it; nobody wants everyone to know you are gambling, whether you are an addict or you enjoy playing casino games for fun. As such, mobile casino offers that extra privacy that a desktop site may not be able to offer.


  • Instant access


With a mobile casino, you can open it and place your wager at any chose time and from anywhere in the globe. That mainly because most mobile casino operators are active 24/7 and you can instantly browse them once you’re a registered user.


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