Mobile Gaming to Fare Even Better In 2021


Gamers and gaming are both thriving in 2021. In fact, gaming has never had it better than now, with an avalanche of consoles to select from these days, coupled with lots of hand-held devices like the smartphones and tablets available to players. Gaming has turned into an integral part of our everyday culture in the modern world of today, and it will continue to advance and grow as time goes on.

In 2020, CS:GO broke it’s all time record of concurrent players and lovers of the popular game have never had more sites offering CSGO jackpot online games to choose from, where you can gamble skins or real money right from your phone.

Mobile gaming is one aspect of gaming that has hugely thrived in recent times. In today’s modern world, almost everybody has a smartphone, and that opens up a whole lot of opportunities for gaming. This is even when a lot of sophisticated consoles like the PlayStation 5 have been released, but the fact is that there is a sort of experience that smartphone gaming delivers, which console gaming can never give. So, it looks like mobile gaming has cemented its place in this world of online games.

Some gamers may find this difficult to comprehend and assimilate. But, the question is, what actually makes people crave for mobile phone gaming? The fact is that a console that delivers more graphically advanced and sophisticated gaming should be more attractive, right? But there are 5 major reasons why this isn’t the case, and we’ve explained them below.


The design of the mobile phone games gives the opportunity to halt and pick up or continue from where you stopped at any point in time. Now, the fact remains that smartphones are very much accessible to all of us, giving a whole new audience the opportunity to play games because of that. The fact is that most games are very easy to master, though there are some very challenging games that are also equally alluring to people, especially brain teaser titles like Fortnite, or the Ted slots that come with very sophisticated rules and RTP.

On the general scale, the level of commitment required to play mobile gaming is lesser than what is required for a console gaming session. At the moment, the level of sophistication in game graphics and detailing in game features that is delivered by console games cannot be matched by mobile games, but it still demands much more dedication than the normal mobile games. That is not always appealing to the average gamer. The increased number of casual gamers, who have been attracted mostly by mobile games, do not appreciate the appeal of console gaming. They even do not have the time and patience to sit down for lots of hours playing the detailed console games. The mobile games are player friendly, fun filled and they come in so many varieties that each type of gamer will always find something that will suit them.

Console-Quality Titles

Most developers of games now take time to work on and come up with mobile versions of their titles as they release the console and PC versions, pointing to the level of penetration that mobile gaming has achieved in the gaming landscape. The overall mobile phone gaming experience is improved by some additional gaming accessories, with joysticks becoming hugely successful over the past few years, alongside the popular immersive headset option. Most of the console games have easily transitioned to mobile without qualms, though it does not really work for all games. There are some games that are not and will never seem to be suitable for mobile, even when others possess the potential to be a big hit on mobile, as is exemplified in the FIFA 21, Fortnite and PUBG mobile. If the advancement of our smartphones continues with the same rate in the future, better mobile games will definitely come up with it.

Cheap and Free Games

Mobile gaming is much cheaper than any form of console gaming can ever be. The average person cannot afford the actual consoles, and the games are also not cheap. Also, for console gamers to try a variety of releases, it will put a hole in their pockets. But mobile games normally come very cheap or even at no cost, giving gamers the chance to test an avalanche of creations within a short period of time. One can easily download and play a mobile game within seconds, so as to decide if it is good for them or not, even without spending a dime.


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