MOIRA DF3 Intelligent FDM 3D Printer Review: A 150 x 150 x 175mm Auto Leveling Offline Printer(Coupon)


Desktop printers have been gaining in popularity ever the since the release of the famous Creality CR-10, one of the top bestselling desktop printers. A wide range of brands has since taken to creating models that are similar in design and functionality, but more affordable in price. One of these models is the  MOIRA DF3 Intelligent FDM 3D Printer— a very budget-friendly model with enormous build volume and a compact design.


First, the MOIRA DF3 Intelligent FDM 3D Printer, is a large-scale printer — but not quite as large as some other printer in the market today. The MOIRA DF3 Intelligent FDM 3D Printer comes with a gigantic 150 x 150 x 175mm build volume,  which makes it fit for the desktop 3D printer category. It comes in a very special design, nice color combination ensuring it can be placed anywhere you can think of such as the home/ office or even classroom


The MOIRA DF3 Intelligent FDM 3D Printer has so many features some of which we are going to talk about. One amazing feature of this printer is its software, which has a very friendly user interface and provides an online design platform, which can easily transform sketches, words, pictures into 3D Printing files. With this kind of friendly interface, it is very easy to operate the printer, both the young lads and the old folks. Auto-leveling is supported by the Moira, easy operation.

Another amazing thing with this printer is its low working noise. While it’s working, you would barely believe if its on, because of its work silently.  The door of the printer keeps the printer quiet, the sound of whirring and buzzing is much quieter than most of 3D printer. The door is  also equipped with a limit switch will automatically pause printing when opened, convenient for omnidirectional observation and ensure the safety during the printing process The MOIRA DF3 Intelligent FDM 3D Printer can be controlled using the smartphone by just downloading the Moria APP which can be downloaded from google play store or APP store. This APP would allow kids to print by themselves, enables them to learn the principle of additive manufacturing, develops their language and cognitive ability, at the same time, inspires their creativity and offers a sense of achievement when the printing completed. Let your kids grow up with high-tech!

The MOIRA DF3 Intelligent FDM 3D Printer is a very amazing printer, which would last the test of time and there is currently a coupon code to beat down the price. The printer is currently available on Gearbest for $299.99 using the coupon code: GBDF3107

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