MOOSOO RT30 Review – Robot Vacuum Works w/Alexa & Google at $165.30 (Coupon)


With 6 cleaning modes and high-precision infrared sensors, MOOSOO RT30 Robot Vacuum can keep all the floor surfaces immaculate, and its Gyroscope Navigation + Smart Memory Chip helps RT30 clean your home more efficiently, hardly miss any stains, combined with two anti-scratch brushes, with ease and offers perfect cleaning performance for carpets and hardwood floors while maintaining quiet operation. Slim design to reach every corner of a home or tight space, clean dirty areas, and keep your home tidy.


The MOOSOO RT30 vacuum robot has intelligent navigation, ie it follows a specific logic to ensure that no area is missed during cleaning. The robot can easily climb over a maximum height difference of 15 mm. So if a carpet is high don’t worry, the robot vacuum cleaner won’t get stuck. With 2000Pa strong suction the robot can easily absorb food crumbs and pet hair on the carpet or hard floor. Using the brushless suction mouth, avoid tangling of animal hair.

The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 2500mAh lithium battery, which can be cleaned for up to 120 minutes on a single charge. When the cleaning is complete or the battery charge is low, it will automatically return to the charging base to prepare for the next cleaning. This automatic robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a triple filter system that can capture 6-micron fine dust, Let your home filled with fresh air. The filter element can be disassembled and cleaned to extend its life.

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The MOOSOO RT30 Robot Vacuum adopts high-precision infrared sensors to monitor the floorplan continuously, and advanced anti-collision & drop-sensing technology to avoid falling down the stairs or edges. Upgraded FreeMove 2.0 Technology help the RT30 Robot Vacuum avoid being entangled by wires, detect probable stuck areas, and adjust the cleaning path automatically. With its highly sensitive sensors and protective bumper, the RT30 robot vacuum can detect and avoid obstacles. And it is able to effortlessly move over obstacles with a height of not more than 15mm.

Wherever you are, just set cleaning schedules via App, the robot vacuum will start to work on time. A larger battery capacity supports 120 minutes’ working time and cleans more places on a single charge. Equipped with High-Precision Gyroscope and Path Tracking Sensor; MOOSOO RT30 Robot Vacuum is able to clean your room in an accurate Zig-Zag and most efficient route. From carpet to hard-floor the right path is always taken. When Robot Vacuum is working, you can view the real-time cleaning map on the MOOSOO APP. When the job is done, check out where and when your robot vacuum cleaned. There will be a clear and informative cleaning history on your app.


With 2000Pa strong suction power, MOOSOO RT30 can provide non-stop cleaning for up to 120 minutes. Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant, and it will automatically recharge once the battery becomes low. Perfect cleaning performance, meet all your needs. We can buy it from at $165.30 by using Coupon Code: M5 in Flash Sale.


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