More Renderings about Oneplus 5 Leak


As Oneplus next flagship product, Oneplus 5 is said to be released in June, besides the design, oneplus 5 is expected to be the first time to use Dual rear camera, but in dual camera design, currently there are two align ways, paralleled way and vertical way.

A user on Weibo @Xiongben Tech has leaked Oneplus 5 renderings. The renderings show that Oneplus 5 will use dome antenna design, which is quite different from previous leaked photo with micro-gap antenna. In addition, other three design photos show it adopts paralleled dual rear camera, it is said that Oneplus 5 final design will be chosen from this three photos.

As annual flagship, Oneplus 5 will be powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, RAM 8GB, but it will be released in the first period. It will still use Oxygen and Hydrogen OS, because it will be released at the same time that Android8.0 is under public test, we can confirm Oneplus 5 will update to latest Android O OS.  A few days ago, other netizens have leaked the vertical dual rear camera and micro-gap antenna line, As for which design it is real, let’s see after one month.


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