Most Popular Mobile Betting Apps for the UK


Week in and week out, you accurately predict the score of the big Premier League match or race result. If only you could make some financial gains from your superpower. Well, what if I told you that you could do so right from your pocket? The answer. Mobile betting apps.

Now, of course, we want the best and easiest way to do this, so I will outline the most popular mobile betting apps that work on both iOS & Android in this article, with helpful summaries for you to decide which one would suit you best and turn your superpower into some extra income.


The Coral App might be a better fit for a more inexperienced punter.

It is straightforward to use and navigate, which gives it an edge over most of the mobile betting apps on the market. Another big plus the Coral app has is the ability to live stream the event you have placed your bets on. The app primarily focuses on racing, which can be seen as a limiting factor, but it is a great starting point for a race fan who wants to start placing wagers.

Paddy Power

This might be the best mobile betting app on the market. Paddy Power’s interface is also easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. Honestly, it might even be the best interface in the business. Paddy Power also has a very active racing community but does not focus on it like our previous mention. It is beginner-friendly with its stand-out feature called “Beat The Drop”, where a betting person like yourself has to predict a certain number of randomised bets to stand a chance of getting that big W. The only real negative to Paddy Power is that the markets and sports you can bet on are somewhat limited.


888Sport is another great mobile betting app for beginners, as its interface is easy to use and allows you to place bets at lightning speed as all the same sports are together. It even includes Bingo, Pocker and an online Casino. However, it is worth stating that if you are ready for a more advanced experience, 888Sport could be perceived as a little basic.


You have cut your teeth on our easy-to-use and bet beginner apps, and you are now ready to get a little more advanced with your bets. Let me introduce you to Betfair. Betfair is a mobile betting app with a key feature that none of its competitors has. The Exchange feature allows you to bet on things not to happen, let me explain. One user will bet, for example, that the X team will win the match and then a second user will take the exact opposing bet. Betfair also includes the usual betting odds and a separate online casino. The only drawback to this popular mobile betting app is that it is hard to navigate with the smaller font size used, but I am sure with all your experience from our previous mentions, you will find your way around in no time.


Now our last contender here probably does not need an introduction. Bet365 is one of the biggest mobile betting apps on the market. From their sponsorship of Premier League teams to the Major Greyhound racing, you have heard of them, and there is good reason for it. With a smooth as butter interface, letting you mix a variety of single markets into one “builder” bet and combined odds through their “Builder” facility or the 140 000+ markets you can bet on and stream, Bet365 is the mobile betting app to beat. The only real negative is when the app developers do updates; they tend to make big sweeping changes to the user interface, which can be quite frustrating.

Now that you are armed with this wealth of information, go forth and use the mobile betting app that best suits your needs to put your superpowers to good use. If you win big enough, you can rub it in your smug neighbour’s face with a nice new car or extra take-out meals this week; maybe we should keep our expectations realistic?


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