Moti Box 7000 Vs Moti Roller 6000 Comparison Review


When looking for a big-capacity vape device to buy for an affordable price tag, you should look out for the Moti Bos 7000 or the Moti Roller 6000 vape device. These models of vape products are from the same manufacturer but they are different vape devices. In comparison, they possess different designs, features, specifications, and also price on the company’s official website.

In comparison, the Moti Box 7000 features a mesh coil inside the device which makes the e-liquid heat uniformly to produce rich vapor. With a complex of four ( 4 ) different materials which include; TPU, PC, Aluminium Alloy, and ABS respectively. Vapers would admire its soft and skin-friendly mouthpiece that is bent on delivering a baby-feeding-grade care vaping experience.

Moti Box 7000 Main Features And Specifications:

  • 1. E-juice Capacity: 16ml.
  • 2. Nicotine Salt: 50 mg/ml.
  • 3. Battery Capacity: 400mAh ( In-built ).
  • 4. Charging Interface: USB Type- C.
  • 5. Puffs: 7000.

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While the Moti Roller 6000 features a built-in 15 mL large e-juice capacity that is able to deliver up to 6000 satisfying puffs. Moti Roller 6000 has a smooth appearance which adds more fancy to satisfy your vaping craving for your daily need. There are six ( 6 ) color options for the Moti Roller 6000 pod and there are about ten ( 10 ) available flavors to enjoy this pod with. These flavors includes; Exotic Fusion, Cola Fizz, Juicy Grape, Green Lime, Lychee Ice, Lemon Tart, Sweet Berries, Fresh Mint, Peach Ice, and Lush Ice. With the pocket-friendly design of the Moti Roller 6000 pod, users can easily carry the pod about with no stress.


Moti Roller 6000 Main Features And Specifications:

  • 1. E-liquid Capacity: 15ml.
  • 2. Nicotine Salt: 50 mg/ml.
  • 3. Battery Capacity: 600 mAh ( In-built ).
  • 4. Charging Interface: USB Type- C.
  • 5. Puffs: 6000.

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