MOTI K Pro Vs MOTI S Lite Pod Comparison Review


MOTI has new models of vape devices that are good vaping options to purchase for an appealing price tag. However, the MOTI K Pro is one and the MOTI S Lite Pod is another new model from the brand and they are well equipped with decent vaping specifications and features.


The sizes of these vape pods and designs are different – Moti K Pro has dimensions of 111mm x 26mm x 13mm while the Moti S Lite Pod has dimensions of 20.0mm x 13.5mm x 82.9mm.

In terms of design, there is no comparison in this aspect because the design of the MOTI K Pro is totally different from the MOTI S Lite Pod. But, both vape devices have the best body designs that are eye-catching. The K Pro Pod comes in four ( 4 ) exquisite color options: Aqua Blue, Pink Sky, Shiny Silver, and Royal Black. In addition, the MOTI K Pro is loaded with a 3ml e-liquid tank ready to deliver a lasting vape experience.

comparison design

In comparison, the MOTI K Pro features a long-lasting 800mAh battery that is able to deliver a reasonable amount of puffs. While the MOTI S Lite Pod is coupled with a 400mAh battery that is durable to serve vapers for a considerable period of time before recharging the battery. Both models of vape devices use the USB Type- C charging interface to swiftly charge up their batteries.

Where To Buy:

The MOTI K Pro is a different model of vape pod from the MOTI S Lite Pod, it is available for a different price, but the price tags of these pods are appealing for what they offer.


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