MOTI-MOJO The World’s First E-Cig Design that Recommended by Green Product Award


MOTI’s Two E-cig Won the Award Competing with 1000 Entries from Six Continents

The Green Product Award, started by German organizations, is an honor for green inventive items. Held normally in Germany consistently The German Green Product Award Organizing Committee declared the consequences of the 2020 Green Product Award and Green Concept Award as of late, where soon after two rounds of judging, two autonomously grew new E-cig result of MOTI won the official proposals of the German Green Product Award.

German Green Award

It is for the first and the main time since this item class won this honor exhibiting the first goal of the first vape to effectively advance individuals’ way of life changes. A bomb type e-cig and an expendable e-cig, recently created by MOTI, have been authoritatively suggested simultaneously. Featuring the structure of the two items, the individual accountable for the MOTI configuration group stated, “These two items have shown up.

The shape configuration challenges profoundly troublesome unpredictable surface displays. The item configuration fuses smoothed out bend components and applies the standard of the wind current framework to the item structure, giving clients an alternate encounter. Also, It is completely improving as far as taste, pull opposition, oil spillage, and buildup. These two items are e-cigs with astounding solace”.


The MOTI configuration group is a knowledgeable, experienced. It is a genuinely unique group comprising of senior planners from different fields. For example, notable extravagance products. Also, the cars. Cell phones, and so forth. The past works of the colleagues have won the world’s four significant plan grants. IDEA Design Award, iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award.

MOTI will, as usual, hold fast to the plan perfect of “green natural security, quality help”. Featuring the one of a kind structure of the item. More will consider green ecological insurance plan and material use, and make all the more top-notch vape items with clients. Also, MOTI means to effectively attempt corporate social obligation targeting “addressing the requirements of clients for a superior personal satisfaction”. In addition, it likewise plans to effectively advance the manageable improvement of the electronic cigarette industry, focus on ecological insurance and social turn of events, and make increasingly smart and safe items for a solid society.

About Moti

MOTI Establish in 2013 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Moti is considered the “Grandfather” of pod systems in the Chinese market. Moti positions itself as a pivotal and revolutionary e-cigarette brand. Leading the industry by setting the tone with the latest technology and groundbreaking creativity.


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