MOTI ONE Vape Review: Safe And Injectable Vape


MOTI, a popular vape manufacturer, concentrates on how to develop an attractive and safe vape. At the beginning of the month, we tested the MOTI Vape, which is a pocket-size and good tasting option. Several days ago, we got the latest MOTI vape, called MOTI ONE, which is smaller than MOTI Vape. Let’s have a look.


The package comprises a MOTI ONE device, an OS Pod, an E-juice filling bottle (10ml), a USB charging cable and a user manual.


Apparently, MOTI appreciates simple design. Just like the MOTI Vape, the MOTI One has a clean look. With a streamlined design, the surface of MOTI One is smooth and polished. The MOTI vape device is made using premium zinc alloy material, which ensures high quality. Despite its compact form factor, MOTI One battery case is textured, solid and firm. In the middle of the MOTI One device, there is a “MOTI” logo with a bump-up design.

Looking at the other side, under the MOTI ONE words, you will notice a power button (lighting indicator). You need to press the power button 5 times in 2 seconds to turn on the device. For safety, the light will blink 3 times and the device will stop working if you vape for more than 8 seconds continuously. It is a good safe setting, in my opinion.

The MOTI One supports micro USB charging, and the Micro-USB charging port is placed at the device bottom. The MOTI uses a magnetic base to connect the device and the pod. Before using the MOTI One vape, make sure you set the pod at the right position, and then plug the pod into the device gently. The advantage of using a magnetic base is that the connection between the device and the pod is firm and stable. The magnetic base makes it easier to take out the pod to refill.

The pod is made of high-quality plastic having 1.85ml e-juice capacity. With the small oval shape, the mouthpiece is fit for the lips. It is easy to fill the pod: just insert the nozzle to the pod slot pushing the seal down and squeeze the liquid in with a little pressure. It is imperative for you to ensure the e-juice is coming from formal channels. It’s important to use the injectable pod in hygienic conditions.

MOTI offers six colors variants; they are Sunrise, Deep Blue, Rose, Forest, Sliver and Iron Black.


The smoke volume of MOTI still performs well, which does a good job of simulating smoking. But it lacks the sensation of resistance when inhaling.

During the test, we found that MOTI ONE performs better on e-liquid leaking control than the MOTI Vape. It looks like MOTI takes a lot of care to avoid the e-liquid from leaking, which is the most intractable problem for vape.

The MOTI One device is fueled by 350mAh, which keeps the device working for up to two days. Aside from that, the charging efficiency is high. But it still comes with Micro-USB port for charging. I hope MOTI can change the charging port to Type-C, which is more convenient.


While details about the price tag MOTI ONE will be carrying is still scarce, MOTI suggests the device will not come bearing a steep price tag. Overall, MOTI One makes users choose e-liquid more freely. If you want to taste more flavors of E-juice, the MOTI ONE, an easy filling vape, is suitable for you. When we use the injectable pod, it’s important to use in the hygienic conditions with e-juice coming from official channels.

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