MOTI Vape Review: Brings Pocket Size, Good Taste and Easy Use


Vaping has attracted attention from most of the smokers and those who want to taste smoke. Vaping is less harmful than a traditional cigarette, and it also has more flavor choices. MOTI is one of the most popular brands in the vaping industry, which launched a new device and pods some time ago. I got the MOTI device and pods a few days ago, let’s check out.


The MOTI has a simple and clean look. With the oval shape, the MOTI battery case is made of premium metal material, which has good hand feeling. The warm grey variant looks like bronze color, which is nice and elegant. There are several colors for the MOTI device, and you can check them on their website.

At the middle of the MOTI device, you will notice an airflow indicator with a round shape. There is a “MOTI” logo under the airflow indicator. In addition to these, the device has nothing on its main body. The USB charging port is placed at the bottom of the MOTI device. The MOTI device comes with 115mm x 20mm x 10mm dimensions, having a small size for easy taking.

The MOTI adopts magnetic base to connect the device and the pod. Make sure you set the pod at the right position, and then plug the pod into the device gently. The advantage of using a magnetic base is that the connection between the device and the pod is firm and stable. Also, thanks to the magnetic base, the pod can be easy taking out to refill. The pod is made of high-quality plastic having 1.8ml juice capacity, and it is sturdy and thick. The mouthpiece has a small oval shape, which is like the MOTI device. With the small size, the mouthpiece is fit for the lips.

It is easy to refill the MOTI pod. Firstly, remove the plastic outer cap and the silicone fill tank cap from the empty pod. And then, you can drip e-liquid into one of the small holes on the side. Finally, replace the plastic outer cap and the silicone fill tank cap. That’s all. What calls for special attention is that as the holes are too narrow, you should drip e-liquid into the pod carefully.


The nicotine contents for the MOTI is 5%, which is quite high than most of the other brand’s vapes. For those who are used to smoking, the MOTI Vape is a good substitute. There are many flavor choices for users, but some of the flavors are tasted plainly, such as Strawberry Parfait, Mango and Banana Frost. The MOTI device is fueled by 500mAh supporting 600 puffs, which is better than most of the vapes. For regular smokers, it can be used for about two days. However, the MOTI Vape still comes with Micro-USB port for charging.

The smoke volume of MOTI is great, which performs relatively well on simulating smoking. After using the other brand’s vapes, our tester was satisfied with the smoke volume of MOTI. But it lacks the sensation of resistance when inhaling. Some smokers prefer the throat sensation, which is relatively weak on MOTI. The tester is not a fan of strong throat sensation, so he likes MOTI Vape better.

E-liquid leaking is the most intractable problem for vape. During the test, MOTI actually does a good job on e-liquid leaking control. Find out more about MOTI and purchase your e-cigarette from their Official website today.

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