MOTOROLA Frontier 22 as World’s First Snapdragon 8 Plus Leaked


MOTOROLA Edge X30 was the world’s first snapdragon 8 flagship processor at the end of last year, and now the first Snapdragon 8 Plus flagship has been revealed, built by MOTOROLA.

This morning, Lenovo Group China mobile phone business department general manager Chen Jin showed MOTOROLA 125W charger. Chen Jin said that the 125W charger is highly compatible and weighs about 130 grams, which is very delicate.

The snapcharger will be available on a new MOTOROLA phone powered by the Snapdragon 8 Plus flagship processor, according to @digitalChat.

The new MOTOROLA jet, codenamed Frontier 22, was previously revealed by WinFuture. It adopts a hyperboloid screen design, in the form of a central hole, and a matrix camera on the back, with a total of three cameras. The back is also curved design, echoing the front.

In terms of parameters, the screen size is 6.67 inches, the resolution is FHD+, the refresh rate is 144Hz, the front screen is 60 megapixel, and the rear main camera is 194MP.

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In terms of specs, one of the biggest features of MOTOROLA Frontier 22 is the snapdragon 8 Plus, which is manufactured by TSMC and uses TSMC’s 4nm process to go one better than the Snapdragon 8. This will be the strongest phone chip in the Android market and the performance ceiling of Android.


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