Motorola’s New Smartphone Will Bring What New Features


In 2017, Lenovo has led the Motorola brand to have a big move. Even Lenovo’s mobile phone business is optimistic. According to industry analysts, Motorola’s competition in the Chinese market is weak, but it is still good in the European and American markets. Mobile phone brands must use a variety of different strategies to enhance user stickiness, which is user loyalty. It has been reported that Motorola is developing the 5G module flagship device code-named Odin, which will use Qualcomm’s processor. In the case that many Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have abandoned the market of modular mobile phones, Motorola has always adhered to the modular design.

According to the exposure, Motorola has been popular with consumers because of its fashionable design when it first entered the Chinese market, the design of this phone is also very beautiful. Motorola’s new devices design adopts the most popular water-drop screen with a 6.4 inches Samsung AMOLED screen. Compared with the ratio of 19.5:9, the screen resolution is QHD, and the specific pixel resolution is 2560×1440 pixels.

The front camera is embedded in the water droplets, without the presence of too many front components, but there is a classic speaker assembly above the lens to ensure good call quality. However, it is reported that the CMOS image sensor component is mounted in the front lens. Motorola’s new front-facing camera has a pixel of 21MP and is equipped with an aperture of f/2.0 and with latest AI technology, support for portrait mode, background blur, hardware exposure, support for backlight shooting, and preserve the rich details of characters and background. Greatly improved the imaging effect of the phone. The front lens supports EIS electronic image stabilization technology.

Motorola has always retained the rear-smile design, which is arguably the symbol of Motorola. However, it’s camera performance is still greatly improved. According to the render, the rear lens of this new Motorola phone is a dual camera. There is really no special change. The LED light is mounted under the lens. Equipped with Sony’s flagship sensor, the rear camera’s pixels are: 24MP with f / 1.7 + 16MP with f /1.7, the phone supports 4K video recording, support for time-lapse photography, video cropping, new slow Action video, and other functions. This phone supports 6x optical zoom technology and OIS optical image stabilization technology and is equipped with HDR high dynamic shooting technology to maximize the shooting effect of the Smartphone.

Lenovo brought moto to the arrival, Motorola mobile phone has no major changes and breakthroughs in fingerprint unlock technology. But, this time Motorola’s new phone uses dual unlocking methods. Needless to say, these two unlocking methods have become a trend of this year. A variety of unlocking methods are mainly to improve the convenience and security of the use of Smartphones. It has not adopted the light-sensitive fingerprint unlocking technology that is mostly used in the current mobile phone market, and still uses the rear-mounted fingerprint unlocking technology. In addition, Motorola’s new phone is equipped with 3D structured light face recognition technology, which is the most advanced face recognition technology.

Motorola’s new device uses glass material on the body material, and the back of the fuselage also uses a curved surface design. The details of the phone are in place, and its grip is better. The glass material is made of Corning Gorilla’s 6th gen glass material. In addition, it is understood that this phone is equipped with a 4800mAh graphene battery with good heat dissipation. This new phone is also equipped with super fast charging and wireless charging technology.

The Motorola modular expansion includes the 5G module. This phone is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor which has a Snapdragon X50 5G baseband, integrated Multiple antennas, 4 dedicated to 5G, can support 5G networks when connected to the device. The RAM memory of this new phone starts at 6GB to 10GB. Internal storage space will starts from 128GB to 512GB. The core configuration of the phone is reflected in this.

The new phone of Motorola will be equipped with 10GB RAM +5G module + graphene 4800mAh battery parameters listed, then come back as a familiar moto. In summary, we can see that this is a flagship model, the overall performance is still very good. We believe that it will still have a good record in other markets. However, in the Chinese market, it is not flattering. After all, Motorola has been weak in this market, and the impact on users has gradually faded. I don’t know how everyone thinks?

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