Mr FOG Max Vs Max Air Comparison Review


Mr FOG is doing very well in the making of good vape devices with decent specs and features. In comparison, the Mr FOG Max is a different model of vape device from the Mr FOG Max Air and so they share a few similar features and specs. Although the price tags of these vape devices are affordable on the company’s official website.

To deliver up to 1000 satisfying puffs, the Mr FOG Max is equipped with a large 3.5ml e-liquid capacity for that purpose and the Mr FOG Max Air has a big 8ml e-liquid capacity to deliver 3000+ puffs. Inside both devices, there is an advanced mesh coil that is bent on delivering the best vaping experience.

Mr FOG Max Vs Max Air Comparison

Despite the small size of the Mr FOG Max, it features a decent 650mAH battery while the Max Air is associated with a 1100mAh battery capacity that can comfortably last users for a longer vaping time. The onboard battery can be quickly charged via the USB Type- C charging interface positioned under the device.

Mr FOG Max Vs Max Air Comparison Review

There are about twelve ( 12 ) available flavor options to enjoy these device with and they are: Rainbow Candy, Mint, Blueberry Raspberry Lemon, Grape, Kiwi Watermelon Acai Ice, Apple Peach Strawberry Ice, Mango Pineapple, Banana Ice Cream, Blackberry Blueberry Lemon Ice, Grape Blue Raspberry Lemon Ice, Berry Pech Ice, and Apple Peach Ice.

Where To Buy:

The Mr FOG Max and the Mr FOG Max Air are available for different price tags.


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