Mr Ji: Meet the Founder and CEO of Elephone


Last Friday a short interview was made Mr. Ji the CEO of Elephone with elefans. You can read to know Elephone history and development in the recent few years.

Q: When did you decide to begin your career in the smartphone industry?

A: I started in 2004. in the starting, I was exposed to a lot of new but unknown phones. I thought they were doing a good job, thus I created a website for mobile phone lovers to introduce them. In 2005, when the Chinese mobile phone market was fully bloom, there were many different brands. At that time, I decided to further my career in the mobile phone industry And established the ELEPHONE brand in 2014.

Q: What did Elephone do in the early years that was important for the brand?

A: Haha, that is a lot, howeve,r it does not matter, because a lot of things are an attempt, and have a lot of meaning for the development of Elephone. for example, we made a lot of innovations in mobile phone structure and improvement of user expertise. several ideas were rejected in the end, but these attempts were terribly precious experiences for Elephone and me.

Q: which model of ELEphone has the most effective memory for you?

A: The Elephone P9000. That was the primary ELEPHONE smartphone that actually made its mark. The phone was completely developed by the ELEPHONE team. it was a milestone for us, the design is still timeless and the phone is still good today. it is a design classic.

Q: What else would you like to try in the future?

A: Today’s mobile phone is so homogeneous that it is tough to make a breakthrough in hardware, thus i want to concentrate on further improving the user experience.

Q: a lot of the ELEFANS like me really like the smartphone, do you have any suggestion for us if we are going to begin our career in the smartphone industry?

A: Anyone wanting to enter the phone industry needs to be passionate about customer satisfaction. The industry is additional crowded today than ever so anyone who hopes to disrupt the industry and build a difference needs to have customers service in mind. you would also need to be quite flexible and willing to change direction at a moments notice. Technology moves thus quickly that we’ve to be flexible. It’s hard work, but ultimately it’s terribly gratifying.


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