Multifunctional 16 Lines Laser Review – Self-leveling Function Tool at €62.89 From TOMTOP


This is a kind of fine quality level instrument, Multifunctional 16 Lines Laser for finer positioning, with a self-leveling system, flexibility, and stability. With vertical and horizontal laser lines, convenient to use. It is perfect for a variety of uses, including flooring, tile layout, paneling, wallpapering, stenciling, wainscoting, finish carpentry, socket and switch layout, wall stud layout, and partition installation. You can have a try.


This Multifunctional 16 Lines Level Tool has high visibility laser lines covering the floor, walls, and ceiling all around the room. The horizontal accuracy of the laser line is ± 0.2mm / 32.8ft. Two horizontal 360° planes and two vertical 360° planes cross the line at 90°angles and complete the visualize square layout for precise positioning. Put this 4d laser level on the ground, it will project parallel straight lines. If it exceeds ±3°, it will beep and beeps to remind us. It is also called tilt mode. You can tilt the level arbitrarily and adjust the tilt angle you want. This is more suitable for decoration in places with oblique angles such as stairs.

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The LCD display prompts you the battery usage in real-time; which is convenient for you to charge and replace the battery. Two batteries extend the use time of the green laser level, about 8 hours usage time.  The remote control can control within 10 meters. 16 Lines Laser comes with a 360° lifting platform base, shockproof shatter-proof, the height is adjustable from 0.98 to 3.54 inches. A strong magnetic wall bracket and iron plate, equipped with 1/4 and 5/8 mounting thread are provided to meet different fixing methods.


The portable size makes it more comfortable to hold in the hand. The cloth bag can better protect the lines laser while not in use, and it’s easy to carry on. We can buy a Multifunctional 16 Lines Laser from TOMTOP for €62.89 and Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping.


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