Must-Haves for Every Filmmaker in 2020


There has been a rise in the number of people who want to become filmmakers. Most of them want to become one because they want to portray their ideals through the films they will be making. Some aim to stir people’s emotions and others want to build up their names in filmmaking.

If you plan to enter the world of filmmaking, there are certain things that you need to have in your possession. You have to have your cam holders, batteries, microphones, lenses, filters, laptop, and most importantly, your camera.


The most important thing that you must have when you are planning to become a filmmaker is a camera. There are different brands of cameras you can choose from, and assessing the features of each is an important thing in picking a camera. You can choose from a DSLR camera or a mirrorless digital camera. Each kind has special features that make them distinct from the other. If you do not own one yet, do a good job of choosing your first camera, because wanting to become a filmmaker and not having a camera does not make any sense.


Installing lenses on your camera is a great help in giving you quality videos when you film. A good filmmaker should know that a good set of lenses can affect telling the story of the film. You need to have a different kind of lens in different kinds of settings because there are different types of lenses used in different types of occasions. When you are buying a lens, ask for the assistance of the shop worker because they can show you what lens you need.

Camera Holders

Tripods and monopods are important when you are filming a movie. Having a film with shaky videos will not give you any audience. These camera holders are used to hold the camera in a steady motion, especially when you are shooting a film that involves big movement from your actors. In some scenes in your film, you might need to shoot an aerial view. In these cases, you can use drones to hold your cameras high above the ground to get the perfect video you want. Some filmmakers of today use the mavic air 2 because it can shoot videos up to 4K 30fps resolution and supports 8K Hyperlapse that can produce a dynamic image. Drones produced nowadays are also equipped with a balancing mode that prevents the mounted camera from flipping or moving erratically.


The viewers need to understand what your actors are saying when they are watching your film. Using microphones helps pick up the voices of your actors clearly, and eliminate background noises from the surroundings. You can equip your camera with shotgun mics, these are mounted on top of the cameras and help pick up sounds. Another type of mic you can use is a lavalier mic or a lapel mic, this is a small microphone you can attach to people in your film.


Another important thing is owning a laptop. After taking videos and finishing your film shooting, you will need this piece of equipment to edit your videos. All you need to do is buy or download a video editing software, and do a good job in editing.

The first step to being a good filmmaker is having the best tools for the job. Therefore, you must invest in tools that are going to give you a video that is worth watching.


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