Neabot P1 Pro Review – Dog Clipper with Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner at $144 From Geekbuying


We all love our pets, brushing and grooming are the perfect way to keep them healthy and make your pet love you even more, but traditional home grooming tools create a lot of mess and stress, for you and your home. Neabot P1 Pro is an all-in-one grooming tool kit that is simple to use, effective and affordable. It provides 5 Proven Grooming Tools and collects 99% of pet hair with the vacuum built-in. No Mess, no Fuss! With the easy-to-use P1 Pro, there’s no more shaving down entirely; no more tangled hair, and no more piles of fur spreading all over the house.


This Neabot P1 Pro pet grooming clippers come with 5 proven tools: Grooming brush and DeShedding brush to help prevent damaging the topcoat whilst promoting a soft, smooth, healthier skin & coat for your pet; Electric clipper provides excellent cutting performance; Nozzle head and Cleaning brush can be used for collecting pet hair falling on the carpet, sofa and floor. The adjustable clipping comb(6mm/12mm/18mm/24mm) is applicable for clipping hair of different lengths. The detachable guide combs are made for quick, easy comb changes and increased versatility. As matting and hot spots are now all taken care of, you’ll know your pet is more comfortable and your family is clear of pet fur.


Neabot P1 Pro electric hair trimmer provides excellent cutting performance. A crevice tool and cleaning brush can be used to collect pet hair on the carpet, sofa, and floor. Traditional grooming tools bring a lot of mess and hair to your home. But Neabot P1 Pro vacuum grooming kit sucks 99% of pet hair; when trimming and brushing the hair into a vacuum container; which can keep your home clean, and there are no more tangled hair and no more piles of fur around the house. Pet hair clippers for dogs with low noise, so that the pet feels comfortable, and no longer afraid of a haircut. We recommend that you care for your pet with our brush before trimming the pet hair. Treat your pet with small snacks to avoid your pet getting nervous due to the sucking noise.


If you have an active pet or one who spends a lot of time on your sofa, you can tidy up at any time using the vacuum cleaner function of the Neabot P1 Pro. You can buy it from Geekbuying at $144 by using Coupon code: NEABOTP1PRO for a limited time.


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