Neato vs. Roomba: Which one is good for hardwood floors?


Floor cleaning robots are nothing new. Everyone in America must own at least one if not two. As such, Roomba, being the oldest (founded in 1990), is probably a household name akin to Half & Half. Therefore, any new model that comes out is going to face skepticism, and many companies have come up with cleaning robots. However, there is only one another which may have Roomba run for its money, and the brand is Neato. If you have been wondering which on the two you should buy and why; this comparison review is what you need.

Neato Botvac Connected

Neato Botvac connected or Neato is a floor cleaning robot that utilized the laser technology to navigate and clean the dirt. Established in 2005, Neato Robotics is a vacuum robot brand, and its first device was released in 2010.


Unlike many of its contemporaries, Botvac has WiFi connectivity and can connect to even Alexa. Another feature that probably sets it apart (except Roomba) is its ability to function with remote control. The Botvac also has sensors that prevent it from falling from stairs, thereby protecting itself.

Neato has the ability to run to its charging station in case of low batteries and charge by itself. Moreover, once it is done charging it can automatically resume where it left off. Additionally, its low profile design enables it to travel under the furniture.


Side brushes

Laser technology (LIDAR) that maps your home

Ability to run back to its charging station mid-cleaning

Linear cleaning

Covers larger area

A home app that enables upgrades

WiFi connectivity

Remote and voice control

Cleans the corners

Easy transition from rugs to the floor

Powerful suction

Suitable for homes with kids

Loud functioning

90-12- minutes runtime

Boundary makers and no-go lines

High to ultra-efficiency HEPA filters

Roomba vacuums

Established in 1990 in Massachusetts, iRobot’s Roomba is a floor cleaning robot that came out in 2002. It went on to become a household name due to its massive success since its advent.

The robot possesses sensors that can detect an obstacle in its path along with sensing stairs. Moreover, its options for virtual wall ensures that it does not enter a restricted room. What sets Roomba apart from others is the excellent WiFi connectivity that results in satisfactory voice control, and the use of rubber beaters as opposed to brushes.

The rubber beater in Roomba break dirt into particle it can carry easily, requiring minimum suction and ensuring maximum cleaning. The beater also ensures easy cleaning of stray hair strands or pet hair without the possibility of getting stuck. It has a dustbin and air filter at its station where the dirt is deposited. This bin is large enough to last until a few cleaning sessions lasting over a week or two. Moreover, Roomba can run back to its station mid-cleaning and resume once charged.

Another unique feature about Roomba’s vacuums is its ability to clean itself after a clean-up, especially in the i7 model. Leaving one at peace as the device takes care of the cleaning by itself, from start to finish.


Round shaped sturdy exterior

WiFi connectivity

A home app

Voice control

Side brushes

Rubber beater

Options for a virtual wall to seal places

Can run back to charging stations mid-cleaning

Break down dirt particles

powerful suction

Linear cleaning

Bigger and accessible air filter and dustbin

Low maintenance

The best option for houses with pets and kids

Suitable for all kinds of floors

Quieter functioning

90-120 minutes runtime

High-efficiency HEPA filter

Neato vs. Roomba for Hardwood floors


Roomba, like most floor cleaning robots, comes in a round shape. Whereas, Neato comes in a D-shaped exterior. The reason why the design is important is that the latter allows better cleaning in the corners when compared to the former.

Rating: Neato: 1 Roomba: 0


With Neato, you have two setups, one is the brush-rubber and the other is the rubber-beater. The former is the best solution for hardwoods and while the latter is for carpets. In addition to this, the Botvac has greater suction power when compared to Roomba. However, the latter does not require much suction because it can breakdown dirt (any kind) into particles

that can easily be picked up.

Rating: Neato: 1 Roomba:1

Navigation and time

Unlike its earlier versions, Roomba’s latest ones have bump detection sensors and can detect stairs.

Additionally, one can create virtual walls using its wireless sensor beacons to seal off a room in your home.

Although this feature is not available in Neato, it can stand its ground with its laser-guided navigation that memorizes a map of your house. And even though both the vacuums can run back to their charging station in the middle of a cleaning session, Neato is able to cover larger spaces with a linear approach and the map.

Rating: Neato: 2 Roomba: 1

WiFi and App

Both brands have WiFi connectivity, home applications, and voice control. However, Neato has a poor signal with WiFi, and this affects its voice control feature; whereas Roomba has the upper hand in both. On the flip side, when it comes to the home app, Neato is more suitable to add a new feature, unlike Roomba.

Rating:  Neato: 2.5 Roomba: 2 (0.5 for Neato for the app, and 1 for Roomba for both WiFi and voice control.)


Dog owners will get frustrated with Neato because it can get stuck on every single strand of hair and during one cleanup, the vacuum is likely to get stuck at least once. Therefore, it requires a lot of maintenance.

However, Roomba with its large and accessible dustbin and air filter coupled with rubber treads is unstoppable and effective.

Rating: Neato: 2.5 Roomba: 3

Cost and value

Roombas are expensive, there is no doubt regarding that, and Neato is comparatively cheaper which cannot be refuted either. However, the amount paid is worth the benefits in the case of Roomba as it requires lesser maintenance; which cannot be said about Neato.

Rating: Neato: 2.5 Roomba: 4

Hardwood with area rugs

Unlike its original versions, the iRobot (Roomba) can transition easily from hardwood to rugs and vice versa.

Similarly, Neato features large spring-loaded wheels that enable it to climb on and off the rug as it cleans.

Rating: Neato: 3 Roomba: 4.5

Final Verdict

From the list and the scores above, it must be obvious to one that Roomba is the definite winner of the two when it comes to hardwood floors, or any other kind, for that matter.


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